Hello I'm back! 1 word to sum up the 4d3n work trip, SHAG. 
Good thing it was made slightly more enjoyable because my eldest sister came along and somehow it became a #zhousisters bonding vacation. 
The most rewarding part of the trip would definitely be fabric shopping cos we managed to source for really unique printed swatches. 
The designs are in midst of manufacturing now and should prolly reach us in May? 
keeping fingers crossed* 

Just a couple of outfits that I wore to share!
Wearing the Carrie chain cardigan in cobalt blue;
We decided to manufacture this design in 6 colours since it's so wearable and chic at the same time. 
Comes only in 1 size as it's made of knit hence pretty stretchable :) 

 Day 2 in the comfy Stardust maxi which our model Symone brought home after the shoot. 
We are so loving the criss-cross front lace detail :)

 In Bambi lace top and ripped white jeans for the last day before heading to the airport. 
Someone commented on my Ig saying that I'm accepting to wear Pink now and I cannot agree more!
I used to think wearing pink will only end up looking like piglet.. haha

Yesyes, ate a little too much this 2 months and I am officially back to my bubbletea ban. 
Also, no food/snacking after 8pm on weekdays, lets see how long this can last! 

Safra Radio brunch last Sunday :)

 Meet Jacqui from Power98fm, I love her voice so much! 

 And with hot mama Jamie Yeo who never seemed to grow old!

 The other 3 Gushcloud bloggers who were there that morning, Shine Janis and Tricia :) 

Decided to wear something casual yet fun for the event; Flo drawstring romper in white with embroidery details in 2 shades of blue :) 

Lastly, we have Blair Teardrop frock in the cutest print.
Do note that it's from our Petite range, and I'm wearing size M comfortably for it.
It seems like I have completely accepted wearing pink isn't it? 
Alrighty time for bed. 1 more entry tomorrow, stay tuned! 

Till then.. 


  1. Replies
    1. Aka 玫瑰之恋 hahahaha all sorts of funny names they have!

  2. Could your manufacture the gold flats again? :)

    1. Hi babe we should be manufacturing something similar soon :)

  3. Hi, may I know where is the place where you had the salmon and sushi?

    1. So sorry i'm not too sure which part of GZ that is, our manufacturers brought us there!

  4. Hihi, may I know the measurements of your chanel sling/clutch in this pic?


    1. Ooh babe I dont have the measurements w me now but I'll thinking of selling it, do email me if you're keen :)

    2. Dropped u an email! :) if u didn't receive it, let me know at thanks!


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