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Nom; @Snspa; #Ohvolaootd

Made a trip down to visit this new cafe located at Macpherson CC, saw the recommendation on 8days and since I'm a huge fan of rainbow cakes(and anything rainbow), I couldn't pass the chance to try their highly raved salted caramel rainbow cake!  Good thing we arrived in time for their last order for brunch at 3pm :) 
Macpherson Community Club Level 1  400 Paya Lebar Way Singapore 379131  Nom aka No Other Meaning~  Eggs Atlantic $12.90 was pretty average, tasted like any other poached eggs with smoked salmon~
 While the Breakfast Rosti was not too bad, $14.90  You know how some rosti are too soft in the middle, and only crispy at the corners, this was fried to my liking! Crispy at every bite!
Just that the sausage tasted kind of weird.. 
 Salted Caramel rainbow cake, $7.90 for a slice, $99 for one whole cake. And I loved it! The cake was moist and soft and I like how the cream cheese was not too overwhelming. Other than salted caramel, they have it in chocolate and oreo flavors as well…

More #ohvolaootd(s)

Remember when I mentioned about the shipment? Yay so happy the first batch have arrived!
As much as I detest flying over, the manufacturers are only much more efficient when we meet them face to face. But yes no pain no gain!!

Some more outfits to share, hopefully I'll be able to answer all queries before the launch at 2pm.
I am absolutely loving all the designs from the collection later, the prints the fabric and the cutting!
Oh we have several designs ranged from XS - L, so for petite ladies who have been emailing us, happy shopping :))

Wearing size XS for this Bree floral bell sleeved blouse with denim jeans c/o Miss Selfridge  I wouldn't say the fabric is lace or embossed, it's just polyester cotton with gorgeous floral prints :)  Have darkened this pic so that the details can be seen.  Sheer-ness for white pieces are inevitable but I thought this was pretty alright! 


Material used for Stace porcelain top is very stretchy how…

Slug mode On

It's the AFF week and I was supposed to be at the Harper bazaar's show with the sisters but yea..

I wonder if age is catching up on me cause recently I just don't feel like stepping out to meet people or attend any events.  I still remember how I get so excited whenever I received invites last year but this time round I didn't really want to go for any. I'm actually loving how I spend my weekends going for movie dates with Sean and playing cards/mahjong with my family and the usual gang.  Anyone else feel the same? Need to get my mojo back in life! 
It's the boyfriend's 25th birthday and our 8th anniversary at the end of the month!  Got to start cracking my head on which restaurant to dine in and what gift I should prepare.  It's a pity he's still unable to apply leave from work at the moment if not it'd be great if we could plan a getaway. The last time we went on a trip together was last December? Sigh pie.. *fingers crossed*

 Mother's da…

WSI @ 313 Somerset; Salon Vim

Visited the newly revamped WSI at 313 Somerset last week and I'm so glad I made time for it!  WSI (Watch Station International) is no stranger to me because it's where Sean and I usually shop for watches during occasions like birthdays/anniversaries.  I'm sure everyone have a staple item to dress up with, and for me watches are a must-wear if not I'll feel really naked without it.  It's like an accessory to spice up my outfit!
I love shopping at WSI as they carry more than 10 well known brands under one roof which makes shopping really easy for us. My favourite few are Michael Kors, Armani Exchange, Marc By Marc Jacobs and Fossil. The designs they have in store range from classic and timeless pieces to bright and quirky ones!         MBMJ's range of vintage class for him. 
These 3 designs are the higher end pieces from Fossil as it's Swiss Made.  Swiss Made watches are precisely handcrafted and intensely coveted, it is also the intricate detailing that esp…