Come what MAY

Have been looking forward to today because our first batch (april's) of shipment is on its way to us :D
Really cannot wait for the stocks to reach our warehouse in a few days time because we can finally see the end product of our hard work during the previous work trip. 
Those are the designs we LOVE to bits! (the prints the cut and everything)

So yesterday I tagged along with Sean's family for his Dad's birthday lunch at Dancing Crab.
 Chanced upon the article on 8days a few days back and because they were having a 30% off, we decided to check this place out. 

Dancing Crab is a one month old restaurant located at The Grandstand at Turf club road with a concept more or less like TheCajunKings but it's much more affordable and delish imo! 

 Didn't expect the place to be this empty on a Sunday, not sure if because it's only 1 month old but I thought it's pretty worth traveling down for. 

This combo bag 1 ($80) is the signature dish there, cajun styled boiled seafood in a bag that can serve 3-4 pax which includes prawns, mussels, corn, potatoes and sausages! Not to worry if youre only going in pairs cause they have a smaller bag, combo 2 ($40) that feeds 2 :) 

I have seen and heard so much about Burger and Lobster from London but since I have yet to travel there, I shall make do with this Lobster Roll for now.
Crispy toasted bread stuffed with chilled lobsters with purple coleslaw and cajun fries ($23) tasted exactly like what I expected. Really yumz..

And because I'm a sucker for truffle fries, Dancing Crab just made it to one of my fav restaurants whenever I'm craving for fries and seafood in a bag!

We also ordered calamaris and crab cakes and the bill came up to only $151 after 30% off. 
Pretty affordable for crabs and lobsters isn't it? 
The 30% discount is only valid till yesterday but I wouldn't mind visiting them again even without the % :)  

Wore Denvine Colourblock dress in a lavender and mint combination. 
I somehow feel this frock makes a good bridesmaid dress don't you think? 
Especially when it's in my 2 favourite pastel colours :) 

Also wore Tierra Cut-out playsuit during the last PH to catch the amazing spiderman. 
The cut-out sides made this piece look pretty edgy despite being a playsuit.
Love how it's comfy and stylish at the same time!

Alrighty back to emails, do remember to check out our new launch if you haven't!

Till then.. 


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