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Remember when I mentioned about the shipment? Yay so happy the first batch have arrived!
As much as I detest flying over, the manufacturers are only much more efficient when we meet them face to face. But yes no pain no gain!!

Some more outfits to share, hopefully I'll be able to answer all queries before the launch at 2pm.
I am absolutely loving all the designs from the collection later, the prints the fabric and the cutting!
Oh we have several designs ranged from XS - L, so for petite ladies who have been emailing us, happy shopping :))

Wearing size XS for this Bree floral bell sleeved blouse with denim jeans c/o Miss Selfridge 
I wouldn't say the fabric is lace or embossed, it's just polyester cotton with gorgeous floral prints :) 
Have darkened this pic so that the details can be seen. 
Sheer-ness for white pieces are inevitable but I thought this was pretty alright! 


Material used for Stace porcelain top is very stretchy however I'm wearing a size S for it.
I'm not really a fan of really tight fitted clothes since comfy is always the key for me :) 
Heart the dainty blue floral on white to bits! 
Matched it with a white pants from the past collection which both my Mom and eldest sister kept it in all colours, which means I've this pants in all 3 sizes and colours at home lol


Introducing the gorgeous Melrose Dress! 
 It's in one of our favourite prints we sourced, already received orders from our friends once we posted it on our ig :) 
Oh yes I altered the length of the dress (size S) for my personal piece so it looks shorter here.
The indigo x grey x yellow combination is so refreshing, love it! 


Wore Promenade midi in houndstooth last Ph to HaiDiLao with the bf! Did I mention how much I love Hdl? 
That's the only good food that both Sean and I will actually queue for with no complains haha
XS is a better fit for me as it's meant to be worn high waisted, size S would be a lil loose unless I wear it with a thicker material top.  
This monochrome printed midi is not to be missed!

Love this pic the bf took! 
I was actually squatting down to bun up my hair when he said 'dont move, look here and smile!' 
He's like on this 'photographer' rampage now and snapping at anything and everything.
Not that it's a bad thing.. haha alrighty see y'all at the launch later :) 

Till then.. 


  1. Hi! Can I ask why is it that you're wearing a XS for the white Melrose dress but S for the indigo one? Thank you!

    1. Youre so sharp! Haha cos I thought I'm a XS when I was shooting for this design, but it was too tight and me so when I changed out to shoot for the indigo one I took a S instead :)


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