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It's the AFF week and I was supposed to be at the Harper bazaar's show with the sisters but yea..

I wonder if age is catching up on me cause recently I just don't feel like stepping out to meet people or attend any events. 
I still remember how I get so excited whenever I received invites last year but this time round I didn't really want to go for any.
I'm actually loving how I spend my weekends going for movie dates with Sean and playing cards/mahjong with my family and the usual gang. 
Anyone else feel the same? Need to get my mojo back in life! 

It's the boyfriend's 25th birthday and our 8th anniversary at the end of the month! 
Got to start cracking my head on which restaurant to dine in and what gift I should prepare. 
It's a pity he's still unable to apply leave from work at the moment if not it'd be great if we could plan a getaway. The last time we went on a trip together was last December? Sigh pie..
*fingers crossed*

 Mother's day dinner last weekend
I think we kinda look alike here with our eyesbags, big nose and big mouth hahaha

After visiting this Korean bbq at Suntec, I'm having the urge to go for a buffet one instead. 
The portion was too small albeit it being a good meal, the servings were like it's for kids!

Happy Mother's day to the 3 mothers who didn't like the polaroid.. 
It's really nice how my mom and Sean's mom can get along so well :) 
I'm indeed fortunate that Sean's mom is such a nice person with a heart of gold. 
All the things she does for her children is just beyond what normal mother does. 

And my selfless mother whom I would not trade for anything else in the world. 
The superwoman who never once complained about bringing us up all by herself when my dad was overseas. 
My silly mom who takes care and talk to Taylor like he is her own son. 
The cute auntie Lisa whom my friends love hanging out with is no doubt the best :') 

The dainty Joen ruffle skirt is one hot favourite among my friends ~
The fit of the skirt and pressed pleats are indeed very nicely done! 

Can hardly see the pinstripes on this Miu Tweed Top even after I darkened this pic :/ 
So do check out our Fb preview on the monochrome piece :)
Love how this is slightly structured which makes it perfect for work! 

Till then..


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