Stateland @ Bali Lane

So 2 weeks back the girlfriends and I headed to Stateland for brunch. 
Not sure how true it is but I was told that this cafe is owned by 3 young friends who met in army and decided to start their business after serving the nation. 
Entrepreneurship at its best. It's nice how we have an uprising number of such cafes in Sg:) 

They don't do reservations so we had to wait awhile before we could get a table for 5. 
It's a pretty small place and the seatings are really limited so it's not advised to visit them in a big group imo!

I could actually count the number of tables inside with my fingers. 
Not complaining, just had to emphasize how small the place is! 

Btw, do you all have that one friend who always refrain you from ordering too much food? 
Cause I'm actually the one whenever I'm out with my Monsterz/family!
I wonder if there are people like me, annoying much haha 

Eggs benny $14.90 was good but not fantastic. 
A pity they didn't have eggs royale since I'm more of a salmon fan~ 

They have quite a few variety of waffles like red velvet, black forest etc. 
And we were recommended S'mores, melted marshmallow + chocolate, not the best but it was pretty decent! 

Stateland big breakfast $17.90, their scrambled eggs is really tasty! 
All my favs on a plate :D 

The Scrambled eggs on waffles $14.90, was the best dishes that day. 
Prolly because Ree ordered additional stewed mushrooms omg it was so good..
I am so going back for this! 

Another fav was this Classic honey toast well complemented by a scoop of vanilla ice-cream~

Because there wasn't any gst/service charge, the total bill was  >$100 for 5 mains and 5 beverages. 
It's indeed cheap and good food! 
Looking forward for more cafe-hopping this weekend ;) 

Upclose of the pretty Pollen Jewel Beaded Shorts in cream.
ps: I'm wearing a size M here instead of size S which I modeled in cos the length was longer and I felt more comfy in it :) 

Hope y'all had a good PH and ready for work tmr! 
Till then..


  1. Hi Jolene, may I know when is the promo for Essential facial until? (:


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