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“My thoughts are stars I can't fathom into constellations.”

Have you caught the movie, The Fault In Our Stars? That is one beautiful love story that can make you swim in your own tears unless your heart is made of stone. A truly inspiring storyline that allows us to appreciate what we have now and the people around us.  The last movie that made me cry so hard has got to be the China Earthquake film a few years back called Aftershock. I'm a sucker for such films/dramas especially those that can make me cry a bucket. My horoscope is cancer you see, the most emotional one among the 12..
And girls if you're intending to watch the movie, I would suggest you to go without any eye makeup unless you don't mind coming out of the cinema looking like a panda which I saw quite a few that day at Amk hub. No offence haha
Guess I'm gonna start reading up on John Green's books when I have the time soon!
10 Scotts at Grand Hyatt last Friday for the best friend's 24th. It was a really rare weekday out for us as they speciall…

We own the night;

Just booked our tickets Aussie in Aug, all thanks to SIA for the promo!   My first time traveling out of Asia and I'm so excited and terrified at the same time. It's going to be an agonizing 8hours on the plane for people like me who hates plane rides. Deliberately booked the midnight flight hoping that I'll be able to sleep throughout the journey instead of checking my watch every 15mins.  Can't believe it was my dream to be an air stewardess when I was younger lol. 

Headed to Table at 7 at Mohd Sultan for Geraldine's birthday dinner~ 

In Love Language open back dress to the dinner~  One of our few designs with a sexy back detail. I guess open back dresses are very in trend right now, so it's time to invest and stock up on nu-bras girls!

The restaurant was closed for walk-in for the night since it was full from us celebrating Ger's birthday and another group having their company dinner.  The customized menu for us~
Paid around $60 per pax which was pretty…

Trick Eye Museum @ Resort World Sentosa

Was thrilled when I received the invitation to the opening of Trick Eye Museum because I knew Sean has been a big fan of all sorts of museums. 
And last Sunday upon reaching RWS, we were both stunned by the amount of people queuing to get in but thankfully we had invites and got to skip the queue!  It was more or less like the one we visited in Korea the previous trip but I was told this is slightly bigger and has more 'attractions'.  
I guess you'd have to have patience when you visit the Trick eye on weekends because we practically had to queue at every station to get our pictures taken.  But overall it was a fun experience cos our Sunday was spent differently from our usual movie dates :) 
They are having a 50% discount on their tickets from now till 22nd June so instead of $25 it's $12.50! 
Pictures time! Just for laughs~ 

Thankyou #TrickeyeSG and @gushcloud_sg for making us feel like kids all over again! 

Wearing the upcoming Organza Midi skirt (xs) I absolutely …