And the birthday parties begin~

They say the pok-gai period is here~
Just celebrated 2 birthdays this weekend and the subsequent weekends are going to be filled with more birthdays! 

On Friday, 30th May was Sean and my 8 years anniversary :) 
Whenever people ask me about my relationship with the bf, they would go like 'whatttt 8 years?!'
I still remember the good old secondary school days where Sean sat in front of me in class. 
Man.. I kinda miss school. Those were like the best times of my life, no worries no stress. 
Yeh there's no stress studying in a neighborhood school like SKSS, most of the time it's 90% fun 10% books lol 

Maybe I should blog about our "love-story" one day haha

Started our day pretty early to bring the puppy for his grooming session at Pooch Image.
Glad Sean's leave was approved because it was his birthday. 
 Wore the Marissa maxi out for the special occasion and Sean was full of praises for this piece.
This is really one of my fav maxis to date! On par with the Claude Embellished maxi of course.
I love the 2 slits in front and how it reveals your legs when you strut down the streets like some superstar. 
I'm wearing a size S for this piece, length is fine for me when I matched it with flops as well. 
Adjustable straps so no worries about it being too revealing. 

 Kisses to the white and fluffeh boy!

Pooch Image

  • 119 upper east coast road
  • Singapore 455244
Tel: 6344 4044

Freshened up after his birthday lunch treat to prepare for bbq with the gang.

 Hayden printed top in size S, I tried on xs but totally could not zip up. 
Am considering keeping a size M in White for myself since blouses like this are supposed to be worn loose fitted. 

 Group shot made possible with Wayne's gopro stick! 
Funny how all the couples are all split up in this pic. 
Welcoming Kat and Ivy to the big family, I'm so glad that the boys have found the love of their life.
It's Charlene, Desiree and Mitchell's turn next, any takers? 23, 24, 25 years old respectively. 
Ok they are so gonna kill me..

Thankyou Dennis for taking time off to coach me with the cake, Veron and Wayne for coming early to do the marketing with us and the rest of the happy people for making the bbq possible! 

 No idea why the photos turned out so dull and blue-ish but anw here's the highlight of tomorrow's collection! 
In XS for this Fleura two-piece suit, made of thick yet very stretchy material. 
I like how the top and skirt can be worn separately, it's super value for money! Haha
And the structured yellow carryall is also coming up in the launch.

 Asmee shift dress in black size S, I'm unable to fit XS at the hips area for this design as well. 
Love the subtle floral pattern only at the sides of the dress, my manufacturers call it the 定位花 dress!

 Yesterday's outfit to Morgan's birthday! 
Wearing size S for Sofianna Skater skirt, it's made of organza hence the slight poofy material. 
I wore XS for the photoshoot but it was kinda tight for me, I prefer to wear it lower at the waist with slight allowance. 
Paired it with Quinton Bow bag that comes with a detachable gold chained thin sling. 

After dinner at Park Royal we headed for ktv at Morgan's favourite place, MONO at St James.
They have rooms that can fit up to 25-30 pax which I think is perfect for birthdays parties. 
Good sound system, very spacious and most importantly the rates are much more affordable compared to Ksuites.
I don't know why it's always empty when we visit so please go support them before a gem like this closes down. 
Insane 10 seconds of Martell, 九九乘法表 and screaming into the mic~
It's always a night filled with crazy antics and laughter when I'm with them! 

I absolutely love this collection to bits!
All the printed fabric we used is of good quality and handpicked by the Zhou sisters~
If you are usually in between sizes, I would suggest you to size up for the items in this launch. 

Apologies for the cranky server last monday when we launched it at night as we tried to cater to the working ladies. 
However our dedicated server still could not handle the traffic so it's back to 2pm for our Monday launches. 
SEE YOU ALL AT 2PM tomorrow!

Till then..

(selling post coming up next, think Mcm, Celine, Chanel. stay tuned) 


  1. Hi Jolene, I nv own a pale yellow bag before. Not sure how to match it. What do you suggest I can match with other than black n white? Btw, is the leather a smooth kind or grainy kind? Thanks! :)

    1. Hi dear, if you see my Ig ive matched quite a few outfits with neon-yellow bags.
      Other than monochrome, you can actually clash it with purple, floral and even blue :)

    2. It's made smooth material btw!

  2. Blog about your love story! :D I'm interested!


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