Hello Android; my Life powered by Samsung Galaxy S5 (sponsored post)

It was some time back but I still remember clearly how I left my birthday present from Sean (my beloved GALAXY S3) in the toilet only to realize 10 mins later, but someone else had already picked it up.
Just when I thought I had no luck with Android phones, I got my hands on the latest GALAXY offerings, Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE! 
It comes in classic black/gold/blue and lucky me, I received it in my favorite gadget colour, SHIMMERY WHITE :) 
I've read through the features and I must say I'm awed. 
The enhanced features of the GALAXY S5 LTE include fast network connectivity, advanced camera and dedicated fitness tools. They already had me at the camera part actually.

Don't all girls?
Wait till you hear about the rest of the impressive features!

A unique texture with dimpled back that is very different and stand out from all the previous phones I've owned. And check out the heart rate sensor right next to the camera flash. 

Key features of the GALAXY S5 LTE
The S Health empowers us to stay fit with the various exercise modes and real time fitness coaching. It also comes with a Heart Rate Sensor – the first smartphone in the world to carry this feature!!

The Heart Rate Sensor can measure your heart rate and allows you to keep track of your fitness routines, with just a touch of your finger! A bonus point for people who exercise regularly! I can’t wait to try this out when I hit the gym!

Ultra Power Saving Mode
With the GALAXY S5 LTE, your phone’s battery life is extended when you’re left with 10% battery life, with up to 30 hours of standby time when you turn on the Ultra Power Saving Mode.
How this works is unnecessary features and applications on the phone will be shut down to minimize battery consumption, but essential applications like phone and SMes will still be available. You will actually get to choose 6 applications that you want to stay turned on!

This is a total lifesaver for me, as my phone’s battery life is extremely precious to me! Furthermore, my job requires me to be contactable throughout the day, and a flat battery is the last thing that should happen! So much love for the GALAXY S5 LTE with this feature!

Water & Dust Resistant
The BEST part of GALAXY S5 LTE is its qualified protection from water and dust. The phone is protected against harmful ingress of water for up to 30mins of submergence at a depth of one metre.

Omg is this awesome or what? No worries about dropping it into the sink/toilet bowl. 
I can finally bring it out to a beach holiday without protecting it with those dubious looking plastic holders~

Fingerprint Authentication
A shout out to all shopaholics out there, this is another reason why you should get the GALAXY S5 LTE: All GALAXY S5 LTE users will be the first ones to be able to login and shop at millions of PayPal merchant on their mobile phones using their fingerprint authentication.

It’s time to say goodbye to ibanking and credit cards payment! This will definitely make shopping on the go so much more convenient and faster! I foresee a hole in my wallet really, really soon hahah!

Exploring the phone all day every day because there's never ending surprises in GALAXY S5 LTE.
With GALAXY Gifts, enjoy free subscriptions and premium services for apps worth over US$500.
That includes a free 50GB storage for 2 years from Dropbox, yay freebies!  

The fantastic camera and poor Taylor was my 'model' that whole afternoon.
So impressed with the GALAXY S5 LTE camera (16MP can you believe it??) I was taking pics with the phone non-stop the whole day heh.
Snap every moment in great detail with an improved Fast Auto Focus at up to 0.3 seconds.
No more blurry images of Taylor who can't sit still for long haha.
You can also choose what you want to be in focus by blurring the background or foreground with Selective Focus. And then edit the images with Studio like a professional directly from your phone :) 

 A shot of my favourite hai di lao steamboat using the 16mp back camera~

 And this is from the Selective focus mode! Impressive isnt it?

Beauty Mode : ON 

 I also love how S5 has beauty mode in both the front and back camera which means hello to more shameless selfies :)  
It's awesome how I can look good even with minimal sleep and makeup!
Other than the awesome phone, the lovely people at Samsung also sent me a Gear 2 :)

The new line of wearable devices is a touch of style, modernity and a whole lot of convenience! 
As long as you synchronize it with your Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE, you'll be able to receive instant notifications from your GALAXY S5 LTE, which allows you to stay connected on the go with emails, SMSes etc, and even make and receive phone calls!
I feel like a frog in the well before knowing about this uh-mazing gadget! Technology is getting so advanced it's like we're almost living in the future of the movies we've always watched.

It looks so much like an ordinary watch with its modern and sleek design which features a premium metallic finish and a polished exterior that encloses a 2.0 MP camera :) 

Cheers to talking on the phone, oops I mean Watch when I'm on the road :D

Other than that, the Gear 2 also allows you to stay fit by optimizing your workout with built-in Heart Rate Sensor. I love how it's also water and dust resistant at the same time~
If you are a convert like me and worried about all the precious data and memories stored in your previous phone. Samsung got you all covered :)
They have this extra feature called the Smart Switch which emphasis on the ease of transferring data from your old phone to your new GALAXY S5 LTE.

Apple users
- Back up to iCloud and download the Samsung Smart Switch app from Google Play on GALAXY S5 LTE
- Access Samsung Smart Switch app on GALAXY S5 LTE and tap "Import from iCloud"

- Backup to iTunes and download Samsung Smart Switch Software on PC/Mac

 Android users
- Download Samsung Smart Switch app from Google Play on old phone and GALAXY S5 LTE
- Access Samsung Smart Switch app on both device and tap "Android to GALAXY"
They can select the supported content they want to transfer and just tap "Transfer".


Before I forget, there are also 30 exclusive health and wellness privileges just for GALAXY S5 users. 
GALAXY Life is your ticket into the world of exclusive experiences with celebrities' lifestyle recommendations and insightful articles. It’s only available for all GALAXY Users! J  There are also alot of deals and discounts that are relevant to ladies & lifestyles, which I’m sure everyone would love to get their hands on!

Don’t say I didn’t share, but I just spotted a 18% discount off Zalora’s first purchase on the GALAXY Life app! There are really many, many other offers on this app, and I urge you to download it from Play Store! J

Is there any reason for anyone not to get the SAMSUNG GALAXY S5 LTE?!?
Thank you Samsung and big love to Gushcloud for letting me stay ahead of technology!!

Till then...

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