“My thoughts are stars I can't fathom into constellations.”

Have you caught the movie, The Fault In Our Stars?
That is one beautiful love story that can make you swim in your own tears unless your heart is made of stone.
A truly inspiring storyline that allows us to appreciate what we have now and the people around us.
 The last movie that made me cry so hard has got to be the China Earthquake film a few years back called Aftershock. I'm a sucker for such films/dramas especially those that can make me cry a bucket. My horoscope is cancer you see, the most emotional one among the 12..

And girls if you're intending to watch the movie, I would suggest you to go without any eye makeup unless you don't mind coming out of the cinema looking like a panda which I saw quite a few that day at Amk hub. No offence haha
Guess I'm gonna start reading up on John Green's books when I have the time soon!
10 Scotts at Grand Hyatt last Friday for the best friend's 24th. It was a really rare weekday out for us as they specially took leave for the birthday. Well we were supposed to be flying to KL over the weekend to Sepang Golden Palm Tree Resorts but I'm kinda glad we didn't. Was told that the place wasn't as clean as it seems and has tons of flies around, not sure how true it is thou.
It was $43++ per pax with free flow of savory upon request, desserts as seen on the tables and quite a variety of tea and juices.
They have 2 timings to choose from, 12-230pm / 3-530pm.
What you see on the tray is actually one piece each for the 5 of us but we were too stuffed from the first round we couldn't finish the rest on the tray except for the crab cake that was exceptionally nice, we had to have 2 rounds of it. .
A really comfy place to enjoy a laid back day with the girlfriends!
My supportive Monsterz wearing Ohvola :)
Love how Char matched Ophelia Outerwear with Amber Pleat Top and the sold out Nellie Bow bag.
And our 'live free' (inside joke) Rainee wearing Love Language Open Back :)

I wore the Gretchen Midi Dress with loud floral prints and the quality Freya Box Bag
Somehow I got quite a lot of stares at my dress when I was walking up and down to get the desserts and while I was shopping in town. Wish I could reply the ladies who were looking at this pretty piece with 'You can get it from Ohvola.com!' haha can't wait to wear the other print out!
So fortunate to have them monsterz in my life, the ones whom I know will have high-tea together even when we hit 60years old :')

Our first office ootd together!
I'm wearing Blair Overlay Corporate Dress and Nellie Bow bag
On Sean: Shirt - Customized
Belt - Ferragamo
Pants - Customized
Bag - Pedro
Shoes - HK

And the punggol duo decided to join in the fun~
Happy 28th, no I mean 24th birthday again!
Thankyou for being you for the past decade, always being there for me no matter what <3
Best friends FOREVER!
Ree in Amber pleat top nude and H&M jacket which I'm borrowing to Aussie heh
Agnes Embroidered Playsuit paired with Berynce Belt which my friends initially thought was a dress!
Made of comfy and stretchable material perfect for the weekends.
Haleigh Neoprene dress in the prettiest floral print that quite a number of customers bought in both black and white which I totally understand why! lol
Only available in the last few pieces in the bigger sizes. Do grab them fast! 

Last outfit to share is Esmay Floral Sleeved top with my necklace hiding in the top -.-
Thou this off-white piece has already been sold, the one in black is available :)
It's midweek guys, 2 more days to the weekends! Off to my favourite ice-cream heaven!
Till then.. 


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