Trick Eye Museum @ Resort World Sentosa

Was thrilled when I received the invitation to the opening of Trick Eye Museum because I knew Sean has been a big fan of all sorts of museums. 

And last Sunday upon reaching RWS, we were both stunned by the amount of people queuing to get in but thankfully we had invites and got to skip the queue! 
It was more or less like the one we visited in Korea the previous trip but I was told this is slightly bigger and has more 'attractions'.  

I guess you'd have to have patience when you visit the Trick eye on weekends because we practically had to queue at every station to get our pictures taken. 
But overall it was a fun experience cos our Sunday was spent differently from our usual movie dates :) 

They are having a 50% discount on their tickets from now till 22nd June so instead of $25 it's $12.50! 

Pictures time! Just for laughs~ 

Thankyou #TrickeyeSG and @gushcloud_sg for making us feel like kids all over again! 

Wearing the upcoming Organza Midi skirt (xs) I absolutely love! 
The subtle flower prints on the checkered grids is such a pretty combination dont you think? 
I'm expecting a lot of my gfs ordering this design next Monday :) 

And 1 more day till the end of Ohvola Massive Sale
Last chance to grab the pieces before they are gone~ 

Till then..


  1. Hi there, may I know how can I get the discount price for trick eye museum@ $12.50?

    1. Hi there, this is the price till 22nd June when you buy the tickets over the counter.
      Have fun! :)

  2. Hello, thank you for visiting Trick Eye Museum and hope you had great time with us. We would like to share some of your photo at TEM in our blog for English speakers ( If it's ok with you, please let us know. Thank you! :)


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