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Selling for a friend;

Brand New Chanel Grand Shopping Tote in Silver Hardware Condition: Unused (Plastic Seals still intact) Comes with Authenticity Card, Chanel Dust Bag, Chanel Box, Chanel Care Instruction.

Retail Price: $4150 SGD Selling Price: $3450 SGD (Slightly negotiable for serious buyers)

NIVEA; Extra White

Remember one week ago I posted about Nivea Face Extra Whitening Range on my Instagram?  I was glad to be introduced by this range of products because being fair as Snow White has always been a dream of mine, but I'm still a few shades away from that dream, and the recent work trip to GZ has pulled me further from my Snow White goal.
I used to be tanned as I took up outdoor sports back in school and was exposed to the merciless sun most of the time. As I learn about the harmful effects of excessive UV rays exposure, I gradually started hiding away from the sun, taking note of the amount of SPF I slap onto my face every morning,  and thus beginning my obsessive journey of being fair.
I'm here today to share more about the most recognized skin and body care brand. To me, Nivea has always been a trusted name for good quality and affordable facial care. I have learnt that my choice of makeup remover & cleanser may contain acidic ingredients that can cause your skin to become thinne…