Hola I'm back! 
Y' know how I appreciate being a Singaporean a whole lot more everytime I come back from my worktrip. It's the culture to be exact, not sure if I'm unlucky or what but it's always the ugly side I see whenever I'm there.
I'm so glad to be born in Singapore.

Visuals now~ 

Remember Cathleen cut in dress? Using the same floral material, here's the staple Scalett skater skirt perfect for casual days out. I'm such a fan of white based florals! points below* heh :)

Because the sun is so freaking merciless at the other side, I tried my best to be all covered up so as to not become any tanner. Good thing I packed this kimono sleeve top, material is light weight and doesn't suffocate me thou it's long sleeved :) 

The super flattering Camillie Dress in blue thou sold out on site, you can get the alternative black which is equally sleek. I dare say this is one number that can make you look slimmer than you actually are! Go try it at the various Kissjane outlets, we just stocked up with several unreleased items! (Vivo, bugis, Jurong point) 

The other day to SkinInc's event with the rest of the Gushcloud bloggers! Also the day we met The Song Sisters!! They are such an inspiration to many of us, humble and so down-to-earth especially Dani! A pity the lighting there was pretty awful, hence the b&w images. 
Wore the watercolour bodycon dress which I insisted it looked like galaxy. Don't you think this print is really Topshop? The other day when Eve(Ohvola's new intern) tried on this piece, she immediately ran from the changing room to the office and exclaimed 'omg I love this dress' hahaha Eve's too cute!!

Midis are still so in trend now~ 
If you haven't gotten one in your wardrobe, it's time! I'm now hooked to wear midis than any other A-line dresses and the prints are real gorgeous!!

My first birthday gift was being featured in HerWorld July alongside with 9 other ladies. When I saw the subject which reads '10 coolest instagram stars to follow' I was like 不敢当 man. I wouldn't consider myself to be known as an Instagram star but just a platform where I  share my ootds with my customers.
But still I'm thankful to be contacted, so thankq Jac for the opportunity!

Till then..  


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