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Remember one week ago I posted about Nivea Face Extra Whitening Range on my Instagram? 
I was glad to be introduced by this range of products because being fair as Snow White has always been a dream of mine, but I'm still a few shades away from that dream, and the recent work trip to GZ has pulled me further from my Snow White goal.

I used to be tanned as I took up outdoor sports back in school and was exposed to the merciless sun most of the time. As I learn about the harmful effects of excessive UV rays exposure, I gradually started hiding away from the sun, taking note of the amount of SPF I slap onto my face every morning, 
and thus beginning my obsessive journey of being fair.

I'm here today to share more about the most recognized skin and body care brand. To me, Nivea has always been a trusted name for good quality and affordable facial care. I have learnt that my choice of makeup remover & cleanser may contain acidic ingredients that can cause your skin to become thinner. If you happen to be an unwilling victim of this issue, not to worry! Nivea is well known for its extra gentle ingredients in its products.

Nivea Extra White Range has a complete regime of 8 products. The Range contains Pearly White Complex proven to be 10x more effective than Vitamin C*. It has been tested to reduce large pores & dark spots in 7 days**.

Here I will share with you my favourite products.
Other than the Pore Minimiser Mud Foam and Scrub, there's also the Day Serum (launching in Aug 2014) and Night Cream.

*Based on in vitro study of 4 butylrescorcinol by Beiersdorf AG Germany
**When used with Nivea Extra White Repair range, referred from consumer satisfaction survey by IPSOS institutation, Thailand Aug12.

The first product from the range which I'm introducing would be the Pore Minimizer Mud Foam! I'm sure everyone's no stranger to mud series products now. 

I was expecting the foam to look brown-ish since it's called Mud Foam but it turned out to be a pretty shade of grey and was also shimmering. It was easy to wash off and doesn't stain your finger nails. 

In this bottle of mud foam, other than the awesome Pearly White component, it also has volcanic clay. Mud foam doesn't look very pretty when they're on your face but there are so many desirable benefits to your skin. It can help to prevent breakouts as it absorbs excess oil and removes dead skin cells with its mud texture. Your skin is better cleansed this way.  

Your makeup and skin care products needs proper cleansing as it may make your skin dull and pores dilated. And if you happen to be an unwilling victim of this issue, not to worry! Nivea’s Extra White Pore Minimizer Mud Foam cleanses away the impurities and 10 make up residues without thinning your skin! 

 If you don’t already know, here are the 10 makeup residues that will clog pores if it's not well removed. 
5.eye shadow 
9.moisturizer reside
10.         sunscreen residue

While looking for a suitable cleanser, majority of the cleansers that I've tried left a tight feeling after the wash. If you're facing the same problem, it means your cleanser is too strong for you, your skin has been stripped off its natural moisture.  Time to chuck that away!

The feeling of having soft and supple skin after cleansing is absolutely suuuperb. I love how gently the Mud Foam works to cleanse my face thoroughly. This Extra White Pore Minimizer Mud Foam has got to be my favorite product from the entire range!

Nivea Extra White Repair Scrub works well with the cleansing foam with its micro-beads that gently exfoliates to cleanse away the 10 residues and impurities as mentioned above! 

I'm actually rather particular about using exfoliators as there was once I tried on Brand X and it was so harsh that my skin started to peel the next morning, I had to spam moisturizer in the next few days. 

So far the gentle ingredients in Nivea's scrub has worked pretty well on me! My skin feels extremely cleansed and soft as thou I just went for a session of facial.

Every morning after cleansing, be sure to apply an even amount of day serum before getting the sunblock action on. (launching in Aug 2014)

Just to share some beauty knowledge, serums are normally applied on before moisturizers as they are lighter and able to go deeper into the skin as it is made of really small molecules. Moisturizers tend to be richer and are used to keep skin hydrated.

Nivea's Day serum is suitable for all skin types. Aside from the 10X whitening that is a huge plus point for me, it contains multi vitamins to help nourish the skin after hours of make-up wearing. I felt that my makeup lasts longer and I have reduced the need to visit the powder room to re-puff. So much power packed into a tube of serum!
And if you're still not sold, its formula also contains SPF of 22 and we all know how important sunblock is for our skin.

The last product would be its Night Cream. I love night creams, I like going to bed knowing it's working on my skin while I sleep, and in the morning I'll wake up with radiant skin, it's almost magical..
I especially love Nivea's pore minimizing night cream as it smells really good and the texture isn't oily at all. It guarantees visibly radiant and water-like skin with refined pores in 7days and I'm already reaping the results of what they promised. Love waking up to rejuvenated and fresh skin! 

Been using the range for almost a week now and I love it because I can already see results! After incorporating the serum into my skincare and makeup routine, my skin gives off a brighter and more radiant look, with such results after a short period of time, I'm impressed!

Hope this entry wasn't too long and somehow helped in better understanding to Nivea Extra White. 
Do 'like' Nivea's Fb page if you would like to be updated with their products :) 

Got your eyes set on the limited edition Nivea Pouch? 
Get yours at selected Guardian or Watsons with every $10 purchase of Nivea Female Facecare in Sept 2014! :D

IG contest time! 
10 lucky girls will stand to win a Nivea hamper worth $120, and an exclusive Nivea pouch + 6 months of digital subscription of Cosmopolitan Magazine!

Simply post a selfie of yourself on Instagram and,
 include a description of your skin aspiration! 

For eg: 'I wish I dont need filters to achieve healthy, fair glow' / 'I want to have skin that illuminates from within' and,

 Include the hashtags: #niveasg #niveaselfie #cosmosg! 
As simple as that, GOOD LUCK :) 

Contest ends 31st Aug 2014 and winners will be announced on @Gushcloud_SG 

Nivea Whitening Pore Minimzer range is available in all major pharmacy chains like Guardian and Watsons and supermarkets. Whitening Serum will be available from Aug 2014.

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Till then.. 


  1. Hi Jolene, I have brown skin tone on my body if I use the extra whitening product then only my face will become brighter and then is different tone from my body. How should I help on this? :)
    Thank you!

    1. Hello! Actually I have the same problem. When I remove my makeup, my family always tell me my face is fairer than my body so I placed a whitening body lotion in the toilet and remind myself to apply after I shower daily! Hope this helps :)

  2. Hi, do use mud foam and scrub daily..?


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