Samsung S5 review part II (sponsored post)

Following the previous Samsung S5 blog review which I covered on the key features, here's a part 2 on my new finds on this gadget of mine. #SamsungGALAXYS5LTE

The Private Mode
Other than the enhanced security at a swipe, it unlocks not only the lock screen but also the Private Mode. The Private mode is a section of the phone that is kept private and hidden, adding an extra layer of security to your important files and media content. 

Not that I'm encouraging you to cheat on your spouse but I thought this is quite a cool feature for people with 'secrets' they don't want their other half to see haha
Funny how Sean added his fingerprint to the security swipe on my phone, which means now both our index fingers can unlock the phone!

Here's some screenshots on how to set-up the Private Mode which protects your gallery/video/music/voice recorder/my files. 

  • First, select Private Mode in the Notification Panel
  • Select unlock method
  • Enable Private Mode to start using
  • Go to Gallery. Select the photos / videos you want to keep private.
  • Go to Settings and move selected media to Private Mode. Choose Move to Private
  • All media moved to Private will be in the private folder. Once you disable private mode, this folder will not be shown in Gallery. 

Kids Mode
An additional feature I explored is the Kids Mode as preloaded on my S5.
Kids Mode is definitely very useful for parents who have kids using their phone for cartoons and games. 
Kids Mode allows parents to monitor their children's activity on the device, set daily play time limit, check usage summary and set/restrict access to apps and media content. 
You no longer have to worry about your kids deleting your important files by accident or sending texts/emails to your boss/friends!
I still remember how I used to receive whatsapp from my friend's 5 year-old sister hijacking her phone with all sorts of voice notes, too cute! The funnier part is when she called the police with her phone lol. 

Download Booster
Do you know that the Galaxy S5 offers advanced LTE experience and Wi-Fi performance, ensuring fast speed for unrivaled media consumption and productivity?
For consumers seeking an even faster connection, the Galaxy S5 LTE is equipped with the Download Booster, an innovative Wi-Fi technology for boosting data speed by bonding Wi-Fi and LTE for concurrent download of large file of more than 30MB. 

That is 3x faster compared to when using either 4G or Wi-Fi only!
Mad awesome feature which is absolutely perfect for people like me who download dramas and variety shows on the phone whenever I'm at the salon :) 

And I still cannot get over how high tech my Gear 2 is. 
Feel a little silly to be talking to the watch when I'm on the road but this is indeed one of the best gadgets which complements my S5 so well! 
The best part is how you can change and choose your favourite songs without having to take out your phone. You need to try it for yourself guys :) 

Dear Samsung, thank you for bringing convenience to a whole new level!

Till then.. 

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