Third day of work trip and I can't wait to be back home. The weather here is so insane, even at night it's crazy warm! Wish I could just hibernate in the hotel room and catch up on the last episodes of bubujingqing~ A little disappointed with the storyline thou, maybe because I prefer watching those ancient palace drama. 
Oh how I miss my puppy.. Whenever we bring out our luggages out of the store room to pack, he will stick to us 24/7 which he don't usually do. I'm pretty sure he knows whenever the luggages are out, he's gonna be lonely at home for the next few days. Anws we just celebrated his sixth birthday last week at home with a little cake! 

Speaking of which, I came across this inhuman article on this annual dog eating festival in China on fb last week which really broke my heart. 
I wonder if these people actually hava a heart. How could they torture the dogs on the streets till somebody buys them without feeling anything?! These baskets even attacked a woman who tried to stop them. 
Omg they are so going to burn in hell. I really hope the government or someone bans this stupid annual event.
Okay back on track, I promise to bring Taylor out to Bishan park dog run once I'm back! Seeya tomorrow Singapore~~

Till then..  


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