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Cruising with Neo Yacht!

Last week I was privileged to go on board a cruise party on Neo Yacht with 5 other gushcloud bloggers. 
We gathered at Sentosa Cove, 1degree15 where the yacht is docked at before it started pouring like crazy, thankfully it stopped after awhile. Though the sky was still looking gloomy, the company made it better!  It was a short but sweet afternoon where we were cruised to the Southern Island for some island hopping (passing by Kusu Island, St John Island and Sisters' Island).  The yacht then docked at Lazarus Island for us to do some water activities like swimming, snorkeling and sun-bathing. Snorkel masks were provided as well! For those of us who didn't want to get wet stayed on the yacht for on-board facilities like Karaoke and board games.  Thereafter, we cruised along and viewed the skyline of MBS and Singapore Flyer from a different angle before making our way back~
Pictures time~ The other five pretty ladies on-board ;)
The very kind people of Neo Yacht also provided really …


Oh hi~ Random blogpost up in the middle of the night using the blogger app via my phone all because I can't get to sleep! 13hrs to the dreadful wisdom tooth surgery.. Never thought this day would come this soon. Cannot imagine how the dentist is gonna flip open my gums to extract the tooth and then sew it back. Good game, my life is over.
On a lighter note, I'm hoping this minor surgery makes me shed some fats gained from the vacation.  On another note, I'm gonna make use of this stay home weekend to churn out 3 blogposts so do check back! :D   

Sheer flowy embriodery maxi in mysterious black matched with my fav KOSE one stroke beauty lippy! Love how the embriodered front is so nicely done with its contrasting white. This maxi fits me like a glove I forsee myself wearing this out very often!

And presenting you... *drumrolls* Ohvola self-manufactured strappy heels! It's super comfy to walk in imo, but then again all our footwear are pretty well known for being comfortable! …

Care for your skin with NIVEA Body Intensive Moisture Serum

Back with another product review, this time it's NIVEA Body Intensive Moisture Serum. If you looked into my vanity closet, you will actually find quite a number of NIVEAproducts. 

Since I've been trying to become fair for the longest time, body lotion with whitening effect definitely is a plus point for me.The product to be reviewed is not a whitening body lotion. It is a hydration body moisturizer in serum format. Being serum, the product comes in smaller molecules which promises better, faster absorption and deeper penetration into the skin. 

Thus, the sentence above will be misleading and downplay this featured product. I'm sure everyone has those products whereby you buy to try and realize it doesn't work for your skin and chuck it aside till it expires and off to the bin it goes. Guilty as charged, I myself have done it one too many times.

But for NIVEA Body Intensive Moisture Serum that I'm introducing today, I've already used 1/4 of it ever since I received …


Hey y'all!  Today I'm here to share with you all the latest addition to my makeup stash, KOSÉ ESPRIQUE Bright lasting rouge in 3 new bold and vibrant shades.  It's an all-on-one lipstick that provides serum, concealer and vivid color effects.  Lipsticks are a must to complete my look daily, they help to bring out the mood I'm channelling for the day be it preppy, sultry or cheery.  They definitely give a refreshing final touch before I head out!
And these are the 3 colors only exclusive to KOSÉ Southeast Asia,  From left, Cherry Red RD490, Vivid Orange OR290 & Exotic Pink PK890
Aren't these colors already a joy to look at? And the quilted design gives a classy feel to the product appearance, a plus point! Here's how I matched the colors to my look during my Aussie trip last week!
If you're into K-dramas, I'm sure the same person comes to mind when it comes to orange lipsticks lately :p  Finalizing my cheon song-yi inspired look with her signature orange lips …