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Australia; Melbourne Itinerary part I #xbtravelogue

Don't know how I should begin this entry since the trip to Melbourne was more than a month ago!  Call me the queen of procrastination, this entry has been in my draft for weeks...
Anw this vacation was rather impromtu cos I had a hard time thinking of what to get Sean for his birthday which was also our 8th anniversary, and since SIA was having promo, why not travel?  We wanted to get out of Asia this time but couldnt decide between Sydney and Melbourne. After seeking advice from friends, we decided to go with the latter.
We found a pretty good 4d3n Groupon deal at $400+ for 3 nights of stay in Tune Hotel, 2 days of day tour of our choice and airport transfer. They were saying it was pretty risky to go with Groupon cos we won't have anywhere to stay if they were to screw up.   First thing we did was looking for SIM card in the airport the moment we got off the plane. Queued for a good 45mins and left because the queue wasn't moving. Thank god the airport transfer waited fo…


Pardon my 2 weeks hiatus~ I'm back! The past 3 weeks of cafe hopping was pretty much a failure. Is it just me or is there no standard around the new brunch places. The food were all hits and misses. There was this particular cafe which Ree made me travel all the way down to the west for, only to be served with fully cooked eggs for my eggs benny. It was so awful but I didn't bother to feedback because I know I wont be going back for more.  I hardly ask Sean to head out for brunch with me anymore cause I always feel very bad whenever I bring him to 'lousy' cafes. He ended up going for the usual Mcds/chicken rice after. But today, he offered :D 
This pretty much sums up our relationship haha
Wearing Sheila Lace Insert Pin-tuck dress made of neoprene material!  Wearing size S for this design but it's kinda snug for me with no allowance. I've been trying to lose the 2kg gained during the previous vacation but despite skipping all the supper it's still there.. *cries…