Achieve good skin with DRx O2 treatment :)

It's been more than 2 years with my trusty skin clinic, DRx and if you have been following me, you guys would know how they changed my life, or rather boosted my confidence with better skin. I'm pretty sure nobody is 100% satisfied with their complexion. Every girl has issues with her skin, be it clogged pores / acne / dullness. So to tackle these common problems, it's a good habit to go for regular facial sessions. 
I understand that many are rather skeptical when it comes to facials because they aren't familiar with the products they use which led to outbreaks at the end of the day. However you don't have to worry when it comes to DRx as your skin would be in the right hands :) 

So Dr David recommended me to go for O2 treatment as I was complaining about my dull skin. 
O2 facial treatment is a unique experience with immediate results, meaning to say my skin will glow immediately after one treatment! How awesome is that? Especially if you have a special event or occasion the next few days, this O2 treatment is meant for you!

Topical Hyperbaric Oxygen (THO) Therapy aka O2 treatment. 
By directing oxygen to the vital fluids on the surface, THO is used to promote new cell growth to speed healing and aid absorption of the serums used. 

Lying on the comfy white sheets ready for magic to be done! 

5 steps to be done in this 90mins treatment
  1. Microdermabrasion - Removing the superficial layers of the skin with a special machine which gives the skin a smoother texture if repeated over a period of time. The DRx Microdermabrasion was awarded a 4-star 'Must Try' rating by Female magazine. 
  2. Ultrasonic Cleansing - My favourite! Sucking all the oil, dirt and impurities from my skin. (more details can be found in my previous facial session here)
  3. Extraction 
  4. Spraying hydrating base (pic below)
  5.  Whitening program - The highlight of this treatment! Blend of botanical brighteners, antioxidants and proprietary ingredients help to balance uneven skin pigmentation, leaving the skin with a glow, as well as enhanced overall hydration. 

(pardon the low angle facial selfie) lol 

Step 4's spraying of hydrating base, the goodness sprayed onto my skin~ 
High concentrations of superior moisturizers help to ensure perfect hydration and suppleness. 

And done! Kudos to the therapist who extracted the annoying triplet pimples above my brow, it healed the following day without any scarring :) 
I certainly felt I look more radiant and glowy as compared to before the treatment.
 The much needed facial session reduced the appearance of fine lines on my forehead. I believe with more sessions, the awful fine lines will eventually disappear! 
My skin felt so nourished and rejuvenated, it makes me want to go back more often.

Was informed that if you are new to the treatment like me, it is recommended that it's done once a week for 2 months to achieve optimum results! 

The usual price of this O2 treatment is $288(before gst), I know it can be a little pricey but it's all worth it for a better complexion! 

Not to worry, DRx is having an amazing promo of 40% off for you ladies! 

The DRx Medispa
Tong Building 
302 Orchard Road, #14-02 Singapore 238862
Tel : (65) – 6223 1555
Mon to Sat : 10am to 8pm | Sun : 10am to 6pm
Closed on PH

 Till then.. 


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