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Omma Saranghae~

This weekend's attention was all on my mom because it's her birthday today :D   I think I mentioned before that it's also Aaron Kwok's birthday too!  It's awesome how my mom can click so well with my friends to the extent of them playing mahjong at our place without informing me lol
On me: Eleanor High Neck Maxi  On Lu: Clara Lattice Neck Top +Izzie Pleated Skirt  On Taylor: Cape from Daiso haha Love the two front slits on the maxi, it's not too revealing yet glam enough for occasions. 
 A little party in the office, a combination of Neo garden + 4 fingers + Umi Sushi Doing what we do best :p
 Super sweet of them to get my mom an air cooler for our house!  The previous year they got an air fryer and the year before a navi-bot (vacuum robot).  So much love for mama zhou <3 font="">

Today for buffet at Rise with the family!
Wearing the upcoming Sophie Floral Dress in the prettiest prints~

Asian Skin Solution -sp

Here with a second review on Asian Skin Solutions after trying out their new treatment series. If you haven't, here's my first visit slightly a year ago where I went for their Collagen Repair treatment facial session. You can also catch a glimpse where I first posted my bare face on the blog back then, I remembered how nervous I was before I clicked the Publish button heh.  But I've come a long way from there now. I'm definitely much more confident and comfortable in my own skin on and off cameras now.
Now a few of you may ask, why Asian Skin Solutions when I already am a steadfast customer at DRx? I place my utmost trust in the good hands of DRx, but I also do believe in trying out different treatments that give benefits to my complexion in any way possible. In any arguable way, what may suit me may not suit you, vice versa. And if you never try you'll never know. So here I hope through my different reviews you get to find what works best for you ;)