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Here with a second review on Asian Skin Solutions after trying out their new treatment series. If you haven't, here's my first visit slightly a year ago where I went for their Collagen Repair treatment facial session. You can also catch a glimpse where I first posted my bare face on the blog back then, I remembered how nervous I was before I clicked the Publish button heh. 
But I've come a long way from there now. I'm definitely much more confident and comfortable in my own skin on and off cameras now.

Now a few of you may ask, why Asian Skin Solutions when I already am a steadfast customer at DRx? I place my utmost trust in the good hands of DRx, but I also do believe in trying out different treatments that give benefits to my complexion in any way possible. In any arguable way, what may suit me may not suit you, vice versa. And if you never try you'll never know. So here I hope through my different reviews you get to find what works best for you ;)

Back to Asian Skin Solutions, below here is a comparison chart of what we Asians are prone to vs Caucasians:

Enlarged pores
Pigmentation – Asian Skin tend to produce more melanin which leads to pigmentation
Sensitive Skin
Dry skin
Oily / Combination Skin
Obvious scars

As you can see from the above, we’re much more vulnerable to common skin problems as compared to Caucasians. So we definitely need to put in that extra effort in keeping our complexion clean & hydrated!
This time round I got to experience their new treatment series - Asian Skin Diffusion Skin Therapy.

What is Asian Skin Diffusion Skin Therapy?
It is a series of targeted skin treatments specially tailored to our Asian skin needs by directly infusing specially formulated treatment essence into our skin to maximize absorption capacity for a faster, quicker option to solve our Asian skin problems.

The different series of therapy are:
AQUA Diffusion Skin Therapy
COLLAGEN+ Diffusion Skin Therapy
DOUBLE-C Diffusion Therapy Cucumber+Collagen
VITA-C Diffusion Skin Therapy

There is one skin diffusion therapy suited for every skin problem. A customized solution would be recommended by their skin specialist on which would be best suitable for you. 

During my skin analysis with Angel, I shared with her my main concern that is dull and oily skin. Thankfully, I do not have any serious issues with that yet but I am still a small step away from bright & radiant skin. And I believe in taking primitive measures, so after a consultation with the skin specialist, my recommended therapy session was the VITA-C Skin Diffusion Treatment.

VITA-C Skin Diffusion Treatment.
Essence of Vitamin C infused into the skin treatment to obtain fairer and radiant complexion. Made of natural goodness, witness the difference in just one session.

Here are the benefits points of this therapy session:

  1. Evens out skin tone 
  2. Help to repair skin cells 
  3. Fairer skin tone
  4. Radiant and brighter skin
  5. reduce visible pores
  6. replenishes nutrients needed for cell regeneration
  7. firmer and supple skin
  8. lightens pigmentation
  9. lighten scars

The images above are the analysis and results of my skin evaluation:  
The closer the red circles toward the centre, the better it is. Comparing my evaluation to the one I did last year, the only 2 factors which improved was oiliness and wrinkles. It's pretty amazing how my wrinkles became lesser. I thought as we grow older, wrinkles become more obvious. 
But on the downside, it seems like there are more pigment forming compared to a year back :( 
 Am aiming to improve on the amount of sebum on my next visit!

After the analysis was done, I was led into a cozy white walled room to begin my treatment,

First up, and in orderly manner, here are my treatment steps:

1.    Double cleansing: Removal of makeup and dirt on skin to prepare my skin for treatment. 

2.    Gentle exfoliation scrub: Removing of residual dead skin for better absorption of treatment. I love this step! It gives my skin a clean and refreshed feel after scrubbing away the dead skin.

3.    Softening essence mask: Softens clogged and stubborn pores, while hydrating skin for base repairing. This mask was to prep me for the remaining treatment by softening the clogged pores, it felt gentle to my skin throughout with no irritation at all.

4. Gentle extraction: Light extraction, depending on skin condition, is performed only when needed. I always thought that Asian Skin Solution does not do extraction after my experience with them last year, but guess I was wrong. It didn't hurt much because I was mostly asleep throughout the session. 

5. Vitamin C essence Diffusion: Vitamin C essence is diffused into the skin for better absorption.

And here's my skin right after the diffusion, it's only done on one side of the face and it's pretty obvious which was it isnt it? Heh I absolutely love the glow and I can already feel how much firmer it is. They really weren't bluffing when they promised results right after one session *thumbs up*

6.    Continuing with I-Revival Eye Treatment: This treatment focuses on pressure points of the eye to relax and soothe them, and also to relieve tension and fatigued eyes. This part here is great for readers who on a day-to-day basis constantly face the computer/phone which emits strong UV rays. I sadly fall under this category as I face the computer for long hours in a day. After this part my eyes felt fresh and less tired, bring it on computer!

And the last step,

7.    Double-Action Vitamin C Diffusion Mask: A yummy and relaxing treat for the skin
This mask helps to provide nutrients to your skin cells for faster regeneration, evens out skin tone for a brighter and radiant look.  I was fast in snooze mode while my skin was absorbing the goodness in, heh.

Here's a happy me after the VITA-C Skin Diffusion Treatment. My skin has become visibly brighter and I love how supple and soft my skin feels! 
To end off the relaxing skin therapy, I was treated to a Pressure-point and shoulder massage therapy. It focuses on important pressure points to help relax, relieve tension and refresh a tired self. 

I sure did feel rejuvenated after the whole session. It was as if I just came out from a spa session, I felt super recharged to continue the rest of the day.
And I used to feel ticklish towards any form of massages back then, but I've since grown to appreciate them much more than before :)
It’s been roughly two weeks since the treatment and I still get compliments that my skin is glowing, it makes me happy that the treatment helped my complexion and gave me a confidence boost, physically and mentally.

I was also given a tube of Luxury White Cream, one of the star product of Asian Skin Solutions. It is for application after the routine moisturizing steps, providing hydration and brightens up the face. Love the light velvety smooth texture that doesn't feel to heavy on my skin, and kudos to the instant supple effect. Cant wait for it to lighten the pigmentation on my face!

Slight description of the product:

Formulated with botanical extracts such as Olive oil, Grapefruit Extract, Macadamia Seed oil, Celery and Broccoli Extract, etc. It works to brighten, nourish and protect the skin from environmental damage.

Exclusive promotion for my readers,

Asian Skin Solutions September Special: 

Customized Skin Diffusion Treatment:
30 lucky winners will be able to experience your own skin diffusion treatment + iRevival Eye Treatment by making a skin wish! 

5 lucky winners will walk away with an Asian Skin Solutions Hamper worth $899 or Pore-Cleansing brush! 
All you need to do is leave  your details below :)

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For enquiries, do call them up at 6767 0077

Parkmall 9 Penang Road #11-04 Spore 238459
Bugis Village 154 Rochor Road Singapore 188425

T&C to apply:

  • Above 18 years old and above only
  • Strictly by appointment only.
  • Promotion valid for 2 months


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