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Australia; Melbourne Itinerary part II #xbtravelogue

Hello! *blows dust off this space* I'm finally back with part II of #xbtravelogue to Melb.
Omg part I of this post was in September?!
Sincere apologies if you have been checking back for updates..

So here goes~~ Day 4 at Melbourne where we finally had a decent breakfast in the hotel. The first 2 days we had to make do with takeaways as our tours were earlier than breakfast hours, and it was very nice of Tune Hotel to have 'box breakfast' service! (packet orange juice/milk, cereal, granola bar)
It was also our last breakfast at Tune Hotel before we checked in to a new stay for the next 2 nights!
 Gobbled down our breakie and walked 10mins to Downtown from Tune Hotel to collect our car we rented from! It was pretty stressful to drive in Melb downtown because they have trams in the middle of the road cruising along with you. Which means other than cars, we still had to look out for trams~  Good thing Sean did some research on the road signs and traffic signals befor…

Ginza Calla -sp

Located at the extension of Plaza Singapura is Ginza Calla, a company originating from Japan that specializes in hair removal. With 30 over stores in Japan, the IPL(Intense Pulse Light) specialists have finally reached the shores of Singapore!  Unlike most IPL salons that focused much more on hair removal than skin protection, Ginza Calla pays utmost attention to the wellbeing of both, using their very own researched and developed “美肌潤美BIHADA-JUNBI”, a gorgeously luscious moisturizing lotion to keep our skin nourished and supple.
My previous IPL package that I signed on with another beauty salon didn't show much results and I stopped after a few sessions. I know IPL needs >10 sessions for visible results but they were so pushy on selling their whitening products etc and I really dont like it because I suck at rejecting people. 
So I was looking forward to try out Ginza Calla's treatment when they approached me. 

On my recent visit there, I had IPL done on my lower arm. But righ…