Australia; Melbourne Itinerary part II #xbtravelogue

Hello! *blows dust off this space* I'm finally back with part II of #xbtravelogue to Melb.
Omg part I of this post was in September?!
Sincere apologies if you have been checking back for updates..

So here goes~~
Day 4 at Melbourne where we finally had a decent breakfast in the hotel. The first 2 days we had to make do with takeaways as our tours were earlier than breakfast hours, and it was very nice of Tune Hotel to have 'box breakfast' service! (packet orange juice/milk, cereal, granola bar)
It was also our last breakfast at Tune Hotel before we checked in to a new stay for the next 2 nights!
 Gobbled down our breakie and walked 10mins to Downtown from Tune Hotel to collect our car we rented from! It was pretty stressful to drive in Melb downtown because they have trams in the middle of the road cruising along with you. Which means other than cars, we still had to look out for trams~  Good thing Sean did some research on the road signs and traffic signals beforehand to understand the road better!

Our room for the next 2 nights~
Oaks on William was $240 per night. I spent a few days shortlisting hotels on Agoda before confirming on this spacious, modern, affordable and good location stay. I think I kinda made the right choice :)
Day/Night view from our balcony, do remember to opt for high floor with garden view.

Experiencing the morning kind of Queen Victoria Market. I totally love places like this, think good food, cheap finds, lovely flowers! Cant decide if I like the morning or night market more~

Ended the night with piping hot korean pot + hot chocolate and churros because we were totally freezing!

Day 5 itinerary was to visit Warook Cattle Farm and Philip Island to see penguins up close.
Settled the GPS and drove for almost 2 hours before arriving at Warook Cattle Farm where I fell in love with a little lamb. I have always wanted to hold a little white lamb in my arms, it was like a dream come true, really. Wished I could bring her home~
Entrance fee to Warook Farm is about $25 where you will be on a guided tour around the farm for almost an hour.

We rented a Toyota Corolla for 3 days for SGD 240 which includes 1 gps and 1 additional driver so we could take turns to drive. Driving out of Melbourne city was definitely a breeze because there weren't many cars on the road and the scenery was extremely beautiful.



Unfortunately they didnt have koala bears there so we had to travel to another location to see them~ Somehow visiting the koalas was a waste of time because they were all so far and high up hibernating in the trees. Lucky our route wasn't detoured as it was on the way to Philip Island for our night with the penguins which we booked online for around SGD100 per pax. 
Our experience was rather unique, unlike those that we see in Singapore zoo, we had to camp at the beach till the penguins swim from the big ocean back to shore to their home. They were super adorable marching in batch by batch in a straight line as thou they were performing. We had to stay very quiet and cameras weren't allowed, hence no pictures :(

My coat says 'Tomorrow is going to be Amazing' :)

Last day in Melbourne was spent shopping in town and exploring the rest of the places that was on our itinerary.
Hosier Lane/ Bourke Street Mall/ Brunswich Street/ Chapel Street
Made a trip to have brunch at the highly recommended Top Paddock and indeed it didnt disappoint!

What's Melbourne without visiting these colourful bathing boxes~
Hello Brighton beach!
Big thankyou to the fellow Singaporeans who recognized and offered to take pics for us. It's always nice to see Singaporeans when we are away from home :))
Really thankful to have Sean as my travel companion. It was our first time traveling out of Asia and this has to be one of the best vacation ever. We were told that we were very brave to rent a car and drive 3 hours out of the city to little towns and I'm glad we are back home safe and sound.

Thou there was a night I got so frightened by a strange man who kept following us when we were walking back to our hotel from Chinatown late in the night. We had to hop onto a cab to make a detour back to the hotel because we couldnt get rid of him no matter what. Other than that, all was good. :)

Oh man I really love Australia and a part of me truly wished to stay. It was funny how Sean turned so emo towards the end of the trip and I could tell he was feeling very sad about returning back to Sg. So we made a promise to visit Aussie again when we have the chance!
Time to work harder!  

Till then..


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