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Located at the extension of Plaza Singapura is Ginza Calla, a company originating from Japan that specializes in hair removal. With 30 over stores in Japan, the IPL(Intense Pulse Light) specialists have finally reached the shores of Singapore! 
Unlike most IPL salons that focused much more on hair removal than skin protection, Ginza Calla pays utmost attention to the wellbeing of both, using their very own researched and developed “美肌潤美BIHADA-JUNBI”, a gorgeously luscious moisturizing lotion to keep our skin nourished and supple.

My previous IPL package that I signed on with another beauty salon didn't show much results and I stopped after a few sessions. I know IPL needs >10 sessions for visible results but they were so pushy on selling their whitening products etc and I really dont like it because I suck at rejecting people. 
So I was looking forward to try out Ginza Calla's treatment when they approached me. 

On my recent visit there, I had IPL done on my lower arm. But right before starting, I had to take a simple health survey to verify that I'm IPL treatment ready as it was not advisable to undergo IPL if you've been exposed to the sun like tanning or outdoor activities within 1-2 weeks.
Here's the exterior of the unit, it gives off such a royal and classy vibe, doesn't it?

Ginza Calla has even won a prestigious award from AsiaOne! Impressive and is recognized in as a top player in the beauty industry. 

A mandatory selfie shot while waiting at the reception, wearing Daisy Scuba Dress in cobalt blue :) 

And me all ready to begin treatment in the white walled treatment room~

Here's the beautician applying cold gel on the area to be treated and to numb it a little, and a towel over my eyes to protect them from the light waves about to be emitted from the IPL machine.

This is Ginza Calla’s special IPL machine. I call it special because instead of the standard 3 pulses per shot emitted for the normal IPL machine, this one here emits FIVE pulses per shot. 
This means lesser shots are needed to achieve the same results!

This is their very own high-pressure jet spray machine which sprays out the Bihada Junbi lotion! 

Using the high pressure jet and delivering the Moisture Enriched Mist into the skin. 
As IPL tends to dry out our skin, this procedure was done before and after the treatment, to ensure my skin stays thoroughly moisturized throughout the session. I love the feeling of being sprayed by the high pressure jet, +++ moisuture to my skin please! Wish the process could last longer thou haha

After the treatment and continuing the rest of my day, my skin felt perfectly normal. I expected some itch as experienced in the previous salon where I did my IPL but to my delight I felt nothing at all! The Bihada Junbi sure did its magic~
I truly enjoyed my short 30 mins with Ginza Calla, I love how polite Japanese are.

Below here is a chart on the areas you can choose for hair removal. Basically other than the hair on our head, brows and lashes area, all other hairy areas are unruly. Time for some grooming ladies! 

And here's a special treat for you readers! 

Promotion 1
 $50 for unlimited plan on Any 1 of the following 4 parts:
Underarm/Upper Lip/Back of Hands & Fingers/Toes and Feet 
PLUS 1x Whitening Mask on Under Arm
(Limited Time Only *Management reserves the rights to end promo period)

Promotion 2
 $2 for any small parts– when you purchase the small parts unlimited plan for $388 
(Small parts marked out in red on above chart
PLUS 1x Whitening Mask on Underarm or V-line

Promotion 3
Exclusive to my readers only until November 2014!
Quote my name - ‘Jolene’ for these awesome promo:

$68 for 3 sessions of Full Brazilian with whitening mask


Unlimited full Brazilian IPL for only $2,380

Check out their Website/Facebook for more info:

Tel: 65-6238-8850

Till then..


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