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My December in pics part1 X


Vanity Trove x Zhousisters

Hello there! I'm super excited to be sharing this piece of news with you girls.  Lu & I are super honored to be collaborating with Vanity Trove to have our very own customized box.  A Vanity Trove x Zhousisters BOX :) 
I'm sure most of you know and heard of Vanity Trove. If you've not, basically Vanity Trove is a box of beauty products specially picked for you ladies. Think makeup, skincare and a whole lot of other goodies!
 Here's a preview of the 12 products we have for y'all! These are all in sample sizes for you to test out which ones you like before you decide whether to get the full product. I find the idea of this rather cool as samples are normally only given out over the counter when you purchase from them the full product, and with this you'll get to decide if these items are worth the bang for your buck.
More on these goodies below!
Here's a customized Repair Pycnogenol Serum by Skin Inc catered for my complexion.  It's an anti-oxidant 350 times…

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