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Combi laser at The DRx Clinic -sp

Don't everyone yearn for bright and glowy skin?
When my doctor at The DRx Clinic told me I should go for laser for my skin, I was mad skeptical about it as I have never done any sort of treatment to my face. All my life I assumed that the aftermath of laser treatment is redness and it needed some down time to look normal again. However Dr David assured me that it's 100% painless and there will not be redness or anything after the process and the results from it would be brighter skin and the little pimple scars would be lightened. 
As you can see there are several marks on my cheeks and some redness below the nose which I cannot stand.. 
So here we go~  The nurse started with application of cooling gel on the whole face and had 2 spoon like metal pieces to protect my eyes before beginning the laser treatment. The entire process took less than 30mins.
Once I was done, the nurse started raving about how my skin became brighter but through the mirror I honestly couldn't see much d…