Combi laser at The DRx Clinic -sp

Don't everyone yearn for bright and glowy skin?
When my doctor at The DRx Clinic told me I should go for laser for my skin, I was mad skeptical about it as I have never done any sort of treatment to my face. All my life I assumed that the aftermath of laser treatment is redness and it needed some down time to look normal again. However Dr David assured me that it's 100% painless and there will not be redness or anything after the process and the results from it would be brighter skin and the little pimple scars would be lightened. 

As you can see there are several marks on my cheeks and some redness below the nose which I cannot stand.. 

So here we go~ 
The nurse started with application of cooling gel on the whole face and had 2 spoon like metal pieces to protect my eyes before beginning the laser treatment. The entire process took less than 30mins.

Once I was done, the nurse started raving about how my skin became brighter but through the mirror I honestly couldn't see much difference and just smiled and nodded along. 
But when I left the building, I looked at my skin again under the sun and I could really see that my pimple marks were slightly lightened and I was glowing! Then I figured it might be because of the lighting in the clinic that was why I couldnt tell the difference earlier on :)

Lu and I fully decked in Ohvola as usual! 
Both carrying Enid Cross Body Bag :) 

4 days after the treatment with some makeup on and my skin still looks extremely glowy and I'm definitely pleased with the results.
If only I could look like this all the time.. I need more of these painless laser treatments in my life!

Also I was recommended these 2 smashing new Derma-Rx products to add to my daily skincare routine.
Introducing Illuminator aka 3A and Intensive lightener aka 3B.

A little info on the Illuminator (3A) :
Light up your journey to better skin
 It's a scientifically-formulated anti-oxident brightening creme that will help to eliminate dull and pigmented. It is said to reduce the sallowness of skin, restoring radiance and balance.
With a highly potent antioxidant from grapes and berries, clinically proven for brightening and anti-aging benefits.
Exactly what I need!

Pairs synergistically with Intensive Lightener to better attain full effects of whitening and luminosity
to work to achieve brightened skin with radiance. 
Works well for all ages who suffer from pigmentation and yearn to lighten or diminish dark spots formation. 

While the Intensive Lightener (3B):
Dark spots; a thing of the past 

This intensive spot lightener in the form of an opaque white cream gel is best for lightening and fighting against skin pigmentation at both genetic and cellular levels. 
An advanced formulation infused with synergically blend of clinically proven skin lightening ingredients to target multiple mechanisms of pigmentation.

Not to worry, its infused skin lightening agents are highly effective yet safe at the same time. 
One of its ingredient, Phytospingosine which is naturally present in the skin acts to restore skin's barrier function. It retains moisture balance and helps build skin tolerance threshold against external aggressions.

It helps to lighten various types of pigmentation safely so if you are suffering from freckles, age spots, melasma or for my case pimple marks, this Intensive Lightener is made for you! 

Both products are suitable for women and men of all ages who suffer from pigmentation and yearn to lighten or diminish dark spots formation. 

Are you tempted already? :) 
So excited for my next appointment to see Dr David again. 
Brighter glowing skin is in your hands.

Till then..

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Singapore 238862

Tel : 6733 1555
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Sat : 10am to 5pm
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