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Aleenta Resort; Phuket #xbtravelogue

Happy Lunar New Year folks!  How was your Cny break? It's back to work for me tomorrow and I'm sure going to miss the past 6 days of not touching my computer.   I've been spending time with Sean, catching movies in the cinema and doing movie marathons online. We actually watched, Kingsman, Abtm3, From Vegas to Macau 2, Rec 4, Don't go breaking my heart 1 and 2. Can't wait for Dragon Blade tomorrow!  
Times like this are really precious right now and I'm really thankful for this much needed break. Is it true that as you grow older, you no longer look forward to CNY, going visitings and collecting angbaos? Hmm..

Anws I completely forgot about this post that I was drafting, oops.  Here it goes:  We went on the most relaxing getaway to celebrate our 100th monthsary together.
Came across an article on Fb which gave a list of the things you don't need to do when you're on a vacation and the 2 that left an impression were: - You don't have to have an itin…

Feb's muse

Hello! A quick update of some upcoming outfits I wore the past few days. Ever since the opening of Boufe, my life has been going thru a repetitive cycle. Monday - Fridays will be spent at the office, stocking in of new arrivals every Friday night at the pop-up store, spending the rest of the weekend in the cafe. The only way to see the boyfriend now is to find him at the cafe. It's funny how the friends all asked one another why did we sell our lives to this cafe haha. Not that I'm complaining, we know the first few months is gonna be hectic till everything falls into place so I'm sure looking forward to the day!
 Wearing Lauren Lace Insert Top in size XS. It's made of the comfy neoprene material so no worries about it being sheer. My very cute mother actually kept both Red and White, I'm guessing she's wearing them for CNY chu 1! 

 Managed to squeeze into xs of Hansel Slit Maxi dress, guess I'd wear size S for Tiffany instead since I'm literally bursting…