Aleenta Resort; Phuket #xbtravelogue

Happy Lunar New Year folks! 
How was your Cny break? It's back to work for me tomorrow and I'm sure going to miss the past 6 days of not touching my computer.  
I've been spending time with Sean, catching movies in the cinema and doing movie marathons online. We actually watched, Kingsman, Abtm3, From Vegas to Macau 2, Rec 4, Don't go breaking my heart 1 and 2. Can't wait for Dragon Blade tomorrow!  

Times like this are really precious right now and I'm really thankful for this much needed break. Is it true that as you grow older, you no longer look forward to CNY, going visitings and collecting angbaos? Hmm..

Anws I completely forgot about this post that I was drafting, oops. 
Here it goes: 
We went on the most relaxing getaway to celebrate our 100th monthsary together.

Came across an article on Fb which gave a list of the things you don't need to do when you're on a vacation and the 2 that left an impression were:
- You don't have to have an itinerary
- You don't have to wake up extremely early
Guilty as charged, for the past few holidays that I went on, we have been following closely with the itinerary and having to wake up early despite it being a 'holiday'.
So we decided to work towards a really holiday for this one ;)

After shortlisting so many resorts and hotels in Phuket, we finally came to a conclusion, Aleenta it shall be!
Our criteria for an ideal resort would be 1) Private villa/suite 2) Infinity pool

We chose the Beachfront Suite which was around $300 a night after gst. 
A little pricey you might think but it will be worth it if you're gonna spend the whole time there. We weren't intending on island hopping or visiting the over commercialized beaches as we had already done so during our previous trip to Phuket exactly a year back. 

Visuals now~ 

Day 2;

Aleenta is located an hour away from the town and main beaches so it's only recommended if you are looking to stay in throughout the days. We were told that you could rent bicycles to cycle to the convenience store or around the resort but we were too lazy to do so. 

The pool, kitchen, living room you see above are actually shared by 3 suites. Good thing the suite on the 2nd floor was empty throughout our stay and our good looking thai couple neighbors weren't around most of the time. We sort of had the whole place to us. It would be great if you were to travel with 2 other pairs, like a triple date thingy. 
 There are only 2 restaurants in the resort/area, so it might be a tad limited on choices for people who are staying at Aleenta for long. Nonetheless, I'd give 4 over 5 stars to this pretty place and their excellent service. Do note in your booking that you would prefer your suite on the ground floor because the feeling of 5 steps to the pool is awesome :p

Thank you Aleenta Phuket for the awesome experience!


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