Boo I am 25.

Entering mid-twenties means greater responsibilities. 

My birthday staycation at Lloyd's Inn with the boyfriend, this time in the standard Sky Room. It's my second time with them and I really love the minimalist theme of the hotel.  

Bbq night with the friends. 

July babies
Gotta thank the pastry team at Boufé for this amazing carousel cake made from scratch. Felt really bad after knowing that they stayed up till 2am for this the night before, If I knew I wouldn't have wanted this complicated cake as they are always burnt out during the weekends. Really sorry & very thankful for the 100% effort!!  

Saturday at Coastes with my monsterz, the bunch of girls whom I know that will always have my back. If you don't know, I used to dislike my best friend 10 years back during my secondary school days for no apparent reason (maybe because she's just too loud), but after we got into the same class we became closer and tadah~ So my point is, don't be so quick to judge because you never know how fate plays with us sometimes. Be kind, even to people you don't know. 

For the first time in a long time, we planned a surprise staycation for the Gemini birthday girl who had completely no clue. Lied that we were going for high tea at Fullerton and followed by heading to the trampoline partk, somewhere which she has been dying to go but in fact, we were all waiting in the room while Rainee brought Ree to her 'sis' (which was us) who was at Lloyd's Inn and had 'imaginary vip free tickets' for us to the trampoline event.
I was considered lucky to have emailed Lloyd's Inn and got hold of this Big Sky Room since it's always fully booked all the way for the next few months. And as usual, my birthday wish for her is to find her Prince Charming who is taking forever to arrive.. Meanwhile, any takers, do email me for a secret matchmaking session :D

The rest of the night was filled with non-stop nomming, heart to heart talks, laughters and that pretty much summed up a perfect girls only staycation. 

Till then..


  1. He stress Hp too. Must at least have 4! Haha

    1. Strange, it should be you isnt it? Hahaha your dad is hilarious....


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