I'm so done with you Sept.

Have you guys felt like you're the most unlucky person on earth? I knew luck was never on my side all along.
Never mind that I've never won any lucky draw or whatever crap I ever participated in, it's just this Sep that made me feel this way. 

When I was younger... 
Choked on a fishbone - checked
Hit my chin and had stitches under my lips - checked
My virgin eyelash extensions (not Kjstudio) experience that resulted in swollen eyes so bad that I had to take a jab - checked

Whenever me and my friends draw lots for something, I know I'll definitely get the lousiest of the lot. If you dont know what I mean, remember my staycation at Llyods Inn recently w my gfs? We had to draw lots to see who's taking the floor that night because the bed can only fit 4 when we had 5. Guess who took the floor that night? (The girls were nice enough to give me their blanket and pillow of course) 
And this month is the shittiest ever. Pardon me if you have already heard this on my snapchat.. Before I left for my short vacation to Taiwan, my camera died on me. The screen died and I couldn't capture anymore pics so I tried to send it to Sony and they told me sending it for repair costs $450 because my lens is broken. Nvm..  
When I was in Taiwan, I got bitten by bed bugs on just the first night we arrived and you know what? I was sharing the same bed with Desiree but only I got bitten. Nvm.. 
When I returned to Sg, my iPhone suddenly blacked out and cannot be turned on for no apparent reason and right now it's at apple care and I can only get it back after 7 working days. Nvm..
Just when I thought it cannot get any worse than this, Taylor got injured. I'm not sure if it was because I brought him to the poodle cafe and he was whacked by a standard poodle twice or he twisted his back while trying to shake the water off his fur when I showered him that night. I actually passed my bad luck to my dog... He was so sad and scared that he kept avoiding everyone in the family. I felt so helpless looking at him like that and brought him to the vet immediately the next day. Glad all is good now and he is back to the hyper active Taylor. 
I can't wait for the new month and for things to look better again.
Please be good Oct.. I need all the positive vibes in the world right now. 


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