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Taiwan Adventures by Ree

The thing about traveling with Desiree is that at the end of every trip, she concludes the vacation with a video. I love how vids can bring back all these memories which photos can't. So thankyou Ree, I don't usually praise you but you do awesome travel vids!!  Talking about memories, I strongly urge everyone who's reading this to backup your phone to your computer. I never thought this would actually happen to me but I lost every single shit that was in my previous phone from Dec 2014 - Oct 2015. 10 whole months of pictures, data and videos all gone like that just because the iphone went berserk and I got a replacement one from Apple. Sucks to be me sometimes but I know I totally deserve it for being so complacent. I really wanted to cry because I usually save my daily snapchat especially when I'm overseas and stuff. Now it's all gone. Fml. So whoever's reading this, and has the same habit like me. Go sync your phone nowwww.  Oh and support Ree by watching the v…

4D3N in Taiwan

Hi guyz It's been some time since I last did a travelogue blog post and i hope i'll be able to do up an entry on Perth after this too. Am also thinking of cleaning up this blog when I have the time cause my labels and tags are all over the place right now~ So yep my third visit to Taiwan and I'm still loving this country. Quite thankful that throughout the 4 days, it did not rain despite being the typhoon season. Took a midnight flight and landed in Taoyuan Airport and travelled to Taipei for our air bnb~  Cap - Forever 21
White shirt - Mango
Ripped Jeans - Ohvola
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell

Had really high expectations of our stay upon seeing the pics and reviews but boo, what you see is not what you get sometimes. Funny how Rainee double confirmed with the owner that this was the room we booked. The room seemed ok but the bed sheets were yellowish and the single beds had dirt stains which we didn't dare to sleep on. The toilet was old and it looked like they don'…

I'm so done with you Sept.

Have you guys felt like you're the most unlucky person on earth? I knew luck was never on my side all along.
Never mind that I've never won any lucky draw or whatever crap I ever participated in, it's just this Sep that made me feel this way. 

When I was younger... 
Choked on a fishbone - checked Hit my chin and had stitches under my lips - checked My virgin eyelash extensions (not Kjstudio) experience that resulted in swollen eyes so bad that I had to take a jab - checked
Whenever me and my friends draw lots for something, I know I'll definitely get the lousiest of the lot. If you dont know what I mean, remember my staycation at Llyods Inn recently w my gfs? We had to draw lots to see who's taking the floor that night because the bed can only fit 4 when we had 5. Guess who took the floor that night? (The girls were nice enough to give me their blanket and pillow of course) 
And this month is the shittiest ever. Pardon me if you have already heard this on my snapchat.. B…