December deals @ The DRx Group

Counting down 7 more days to Christmas! 
I'm getting anxious here because I haven't done any proper Xmas shopping yet. Sucks to be bed ridden for the past few days, coughing non stop and having on and off headache. Am finally feeling better today but I'm so not ready to squeeze in the weekend crowd in town. So I guess I'd go for some online shopping instead and hope that the goodies will reach me by Xmas day. Even if it's late, there's 12 days of Xmas. I'm sure my friends will understand heh. 

I received the mailer from DRx a few days back and thought I really should share these awesome deals from them! 

Here are the 4 different gift set that's available for this month!
Set A ($68) - Foaming Clenser + Toner 
This is the duo I have been using for years ever since I'm introduced to DRx as a paying customer. I love the new packaging of this duo, especially the new pump of the cleanser. 

Set B ($148) - Soap Free Cleanser + Intensive Moisturizer

Set C ($230) - Rejuvenator + Eye Serum 
This is the perfect gift for ladies who spends a lot of time dealing with their eye bag and dark eye circles. I myself haven't tried their eye serum but have heard so much about it. It's $44 cheaper than what's retailing so do grab this chance to purchase it! 

Set D ($230) 4 Non-tinted Sunscreen / 2 Non-tinted Sunscreen + 2 warm natural Sunscreen
I must say this is a very good gift this Xmas because every girl needs a good sunblock in their life. And if you have following my DRx journey closely, DRx's sunscreen is my first and definitely my last sunscreen of my life. This sunscreen is the improved formula with 20 more spf than the one I own. And since this set comes in x4 sunscreen, you can actually split and gift this to 4 girlfriends. Isn't this an awesome and time saving gift? ;)

 GST waiver, need I say more??

Omg can someone get this for me for Xmas pretty please? I need this travel set so bad. You know how we travel quite often for work and I really hate packing and pouring these products into small bottles. This NEW travel set is really the best thing I saw in the mailer!

And that's why they say good things must share. 
This share-with -your-friend deal is SOOOO attractive! Simply refer a friend to DRx, your friend get to enjoy 50% off O2 Plus rejuvenating facial + atoxelene infusion while you get to choose that TRAVEL KIT / $188 credit!!

Oh yes I am still receiving emails on the price list of the individual products, now that the DRx website is up. All the prices are stated there, so happy shopping!
Do remember to quote my name when making appointment over the phone for more waivers and perks :) 
Read my previous few post on DRx by clicking on DRx on the left labels for more details. 

Till then..


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