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Rainee's hens night x

Rainee's surprise hens night at Capri by Fraser at Changi.  #picturepost 

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MrLens #sp

Not sure if anyone still remembers, I previously mentioned about how I have perfect eyesight yet I am a frequent wearer of contact lens. This is something my father will never understand, the things we girls do to make ourselves look better haha
Contact lenses play a huge part of many people's lives and we all know they are not particularly cheap in Singapore so I am really glad to be able to share aboutMr Lens today.  
Mr Lens is a Malaysia based online retailer that has a wide range of contact lens. Though they are based in Malaysia, I am absolutely impressed by their efficiency. They are currently working together with DHL Express for deliveries to Singapore and I got my package 1 day after it's despatched from their warehouse! 
It's really pricey to purchase daily lenses from the optical shops in our local malls. It's also very troublesome having to get our eyes check whenever we visit new shops just to purchase the lenses. At times, I would still have to order th…

Hello Kitty x Rosette (sp)

For all fans of Hello Kitty, rejoice!  Introducing a new collaboration between Rosette and Sanrio, the limited edition Hello Kitty Facial Wash. This has got to be the cutest cleansing product I've seen in awhile. 
It has just been launched in all SASA, Watsons and BHG ALT concept stores.

The green bottle is the Hello Kitty Uji-Matcha Kintoki Facial Wash, it's mainly made with Matcha Powder which hydrates and locks in moisture into your skin. It also contains red bean power which gently scrubs and purifies the surface of the skin while washes away clogged impurities in pore.

Made with traditional Japanese ingredients for more beautiful silky soft skin with every wash. Pore tightening face wah formula made with Japan-grown UJI green tea and Azuki bean powder flushes out unsightly pores, leaving them clean and fresh. Smooth dense foam leaves skin feeling refreshed and baby smooth. 
Benefits of Green Tea AntioxidantReduces Dark Spots on FaceTreats Ace and PimplesReduces Wrinkles Im…

Scalp Revival Spa - Salon Vim

So I just ended my 8 sessions of Scalp Revival Spa with Salon Vim recently and I'm really excited to share with those who's been having hair issues like I am.  The other day I was mentioning to Cheryl (marketing of Salon Vim) on how i feel that my hair is getting thinner and the amount of hair on the comb whenever I comb them can be terrifying.  It didnt really bother me until I went for the air fringe look and realised I could actually see obvious empty spots from the front.
The specialist at Salon Vim will firstly scan your scalp to diagnose the issue, you will also be able to see and compare the before and after scalp sessions. 

Here are some of the steps which varies for different scalp problems.  Opening massageHigh frequency comb that removes dead cells and kill bacteria so as to better absorb all the goodies afterwards. It does sound like you're being electrocuted but dont worry i didnt feel much discomfort! It also effectively treats dandruff.Water spray gun t…

25092016; Lucinda's wedding

YAS i finally got down to blogging about the sister's big day aka the most stressful day of my life.  How is it even possible that i got so nervous i couldn't get proper sleep the night before? Im not even the bride man, what a joke  I guess it was because I was the main person in charge for my side and I just had to make sure everything goes in plan and was perfect for the both of them.  I'm so sure I won't even get this stressed up if I ever get married one day.  Soooooooooooo glad that it's over and the entire day went by like a breeze~~~
I'm truly happy for the both of them for moving on to the next phase of life after being together for 8 years. It's amazing how they found someone that complement each other so well and kept that spark all the way. Now I just can't wait to be an aunt!! 
Hens night pics first:
Customised balloons by: Looney Bloons :)

UberEATS rocks, no delivery fee no minimum order. PERFECT 
All the St Nicks girls and 1 extra