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Ever ask yourself, what are your skin concerns?
For me, it would definitely be my dull and dry skin. I'm definitely not a risk-taker; I have always believed in this quote 'if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it'. I hardly make any changes to my day and night regime as I am pretty contented with my current complexion and am quite aversive to trying new products for fear of causing my skin to break out. So naturally, I’ll be afraid to try new products.
This is until I went to a workshop hosted by Hada Labo recently, that changed my mindset. Oh boy, I was sold by what the presentation given by Dr Naelong Wang (Ph. D Chemistry) from John Hopkins University.
There are thousands of moisturising and hydrating ingredients used in skincare products but unlike these brands, Hada Labo focuses on Hyaluronic Acid, which is known popularly for its ability to bind water (the essential component in hydration!). 1 gram of HA is able to hold up to six litres of water.

What makes Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid (SHA) Hydrating Lotion so different from the others is having 4 different sizes of HA in the lotion, each performing its own function. You can see the different sizes of Hyaluronic Acid in the picture above: Large-sized HA, Medium-sizes HA, Super HA, Nano-HA.

* Large-sized HA sits on skin's surface to fight against water loss, they act as an umbrella to create a thick moisture layer to keep it well-hydrated
* Medium-sized HA sinks into the middle skin layer and help form a double moisture-locking shield by interlocking with Large-sized HA.
* Super HA rest in the middle skin layer of the epidermis to pump up and store water in the skin. It acts like a barrier to prevent water loss from the hard-to-reach innermost layer.
* Nano HA is the super hydrator in the deepest level of skin which has the tremendous capability to penetrate to the deepest level of skin. It delivers
instant relief to skin and replenishes a huge moisture reserve deep within skin.
The brand was able to create the HPP&M Hydration Technology to stack four different sizes of HA together to maximise effect. With that, you will be able to lock, store, replenish the hydration needed for your skin :)

During the event, Dr. Naelong Wang also shared with us the misconception of Hydration = Moisturisation. To be honest, I’ve always felt like there were no difference until he explained that hydration is essentially the more important part of making your skin supple because it refers to the moisture within the deeper layer of the skin, whereas moisturisation is only to trap the moisture on the outer layers. Even with daily moisturisation, people still suffer from dry skin. Hence, the HPP&M Hydration Technology really does address the root of the problem; hydrating our skin from within.
And because hydration is so important, coupling the Hada Labo SHA Hydrating Lotion with its Hydrating Essence allow 3X more hydration. The essence has an upgraded formula that essentially acts as a hydration booster, offering 3 X more hydration when used hand in hand with the hydrating lotion. Think 24-hour long-lasting efficacy. For an essence, it is affordable too at $31.90, available in all Guardian and Watsons Stores. This is definitely going into my list of skincare tips to ensure supple and healthy skin!

You can see how expert Xiao Kai is patting Hada Labo SHA Hydrating Essence onto my skin. Yes gentle patting helps promote blood circulation and allows absorption of it so start patting away! 
He also shared with us how to differentiate between a radiant skin vs. an oily skin (since both do “shine”). From afar, one might look like he/she has glowy skin, but the true test is when you’re able to see the pores that peep through under the make up – visible pores: oily skin, non-visible pores, radiant skin! So if the skin is still smooth with no pores appearing, that is one good example of radiant skin!

Deep hydration also sets the foundation to healthy beautiful skin and effective skincare can enhance makeup application as well.
If your skin isn’t hydrated well...

1. You will realise that the skin feels tight and uncomfortable
2. The dryness will lead to roughness with all the new bumps appearing
3. Next, the skin will then produce sebum which cause oiliness eventually leading to breakouts
4. Then your skin's natural defense system breaks down, leading to irritation and inflammation
5. Lastly, fine lines and wrinkles starts to appear.

I was also given the opportunity to try out the two different variants of the Hada Labo SHA Hydrating Lotion! The bottle on the left is suitable for normal to dry skin while the green one on the right has a lighter texture, good for those with oily skin. Upon the first application, it might feel a little sticky (stickiness actually comes from the HA!), but don’t worry as it gets absorbed into the skin up pretty quickly and leave a weightless finish on skin. I personally prefer the red bottle!

I’ve been using the products diligently for 2 weeks now and I can see and feel a difference in my skin especially how hydrated it is now.. I love that I wake up to a nice inner glow every morning. I am definitely going to continue using these products and am excited to see what magic they can do!
If you have dry and dull skin as your main skin issue like me, what are you waiting for? Being lazy is definitely not the way to go. Join me in patting this goodness every day and night. :) Get hydrating skin and stand to win some prizes along the way as well -

* Click HERE for a chance to win a 4D3N trip for two to Kyoto, Japan! 
* Register your pledge to pat on Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Lotion onto skin twice a day for 14 days.
* Receive your sample-size bottle of Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Lotion (30ml).
* After 14 days, post a photo of your hydrated skin and share your pledge experience on IG using the hashtag #hadalabopledgetopat and #hadalaboxjolene
* The best 400 posts will be rewarded with a full-sized bottle of Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Lotion (170ml).
* I will also select a winner to walk away with a Hada Labo hamper worth $150 :)

Good luck! Till then...


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