Rosette Facial Wash

Being in my mid twenties also means I need to pay more attention to suitable skincare products and take better care of my skin. Other than consuming a lot of water daily, I watch my diet and most importantly, use the correct products that are gentle to my skin.

A little background on Rosette, a skincare brand from Japan founded in 1929. It started with the traditional paste facial wash which is made from Sulfur for acne protection. Rosette Face Wash is mainly referred to as PASTA Face Wash due to its fine texture and doughy form. Good news, it is now available in all SASA stores since June 2016 and will be up at Watsons by the next month!

I have to say that these products are extremely affordable at $9.90 so if are looking for a facial wash that is pocket friendly, this review is for you :)

 There are 4 different clays for various skin types.

  1. Normal Cleansing - for normal, combination and sensitive skin; contains sea clay and rose fruit extract
  2.  Acne Treatment - for oily and acne-prone skin or teenage skin; contains sea clay, ghassoul and stearyl glycyrrhetinate
  3. Firming & Anti-Aging - for normal to dry skin or matured skin; contains white clay, hyaluronic acid and marine collagen
  4. Whitening - for normal to combination or dull skin; contains ghassoul and argan oil

If you realised, out of the 4 different clays there are 3 which contain clay. Rosette face wash is mainly made with different kinds of natural clay (Sea Clay, White Clay, Ghassoul) which contains rich natural minerals that absorb dirt trapped in pores and remove dead skin to give your skin a brighter complexion. 

Sea Clay Smooth - Normal Cleansing 
The magical cleansing power of sea clay flushes out pores, leaving your skin soft and smooth. The springy & elastic foam formula made with fine sea clay powder traps excess skin cells and impurities as well as cleanses them thoroughly. 

Simply squeeze the paste (1-2cm) onto palm and lather with water. Wash in gentle circular motions and rinse off thoroughly with water and you will be surprised at your silky- baby like skin!

It also contains rose fruit extract that comes from the seeds of a specific variety of rose which provide fatty acids, vitamin E C and A to our skin. 
It helps in improving the skin's moisture levels and reduces wrinkles and fine lines. 
It also helps to reduce scars and promotes skin regeneration with its fatty acids.

My skin feels really smooth and well hydrated after using it. It's neither sticky nor heavy. Although it contains rose fruit extract, I don't smell any scent of rose as there are no fragrances, colours or mineral oil. I like how it is gentle which effectively cleanses my face yet isn't too harsh. There is a misconception about clay products being difficult to wash off, but this facial wash was easily removed after a few splashes! 

Acne Clear - Acne Treatment
I personally didn't try this out on my face. However, here are some details for those with oily and usually acne-prone especially teenagers. With its ingredients like Sea clay and Ghassoul, it absorbs the dirt stuck in pores and removes dead skin cells. The fine clay powder helps to lock in moisture while thoroughly cleansing clogged pores. 

The best part, it also contains anti-inflammatory ingredients of stearyl glycyrrhetinate and moisturizing asian medical herbs which is perfect for fighting inflammation and preventing future breakouts and restoring suppleness of skin. 

Not to worry, even though it is medicated it has a nice scent to it as I was applying on my hand. 

White Clay Lift - Firming & Anti-Aging 
One of my favourites is this age defying white clay lift wash. The white clay is rich in silicon and aluminium silicate and it is known to be the mildest of all clays. 
The minute particles of white clay has mild cleansing effect which removes dead skin and absorbs dirt hiding in pores to prevent dull and lusterless complexion. 
It helps speed up cell turnover while purifying the skin and closing dilated pores and is also effective in lifting and preventing wrinkles. 

As I have mentioned previously how great Hyaluronic acid is in giving us moisturized, firm and plump skin. It replenishes moisture onto skin while Marine Collagen helps to restore elasticity and suppleness. 

Its thick and rich bubbles made with fine white clay powder deeply penetrates the pores to thoroughly get rid of deep-seated dirt while supplying proper nutrients to keep the skin healthy. 

The paste is super soft and creamy. Look how much creamy foam is produced. Initially I was very afraid of using foaming products like how it will dry up my skin easily, good thing this wasn't. Instead, my skin feels super supple with every wash and my face feels clean and refreshed! 

Ghassoul Bright - Whitening 
The Rosette Ghassoul Bright Facial Wash was the first one I chose to try out since my main concern has always been dull skin. So whatever products with the word whitening would definitely catch my attention. The Ghassoul Clay and Argan Oil in this wash eliminate skin dullness for a lustrous, transparent glow. To be honest, it was my first time coming across the word Ghassoul. I'm sure many haven't heard of it as well. 

Ghassoul is a skin brightening property which is naturally produced clay found in ancient lake beds. It is rich in minerals and works very well to rejuvenate and brighten skin. 

I love the refreshing spice and herb scent upon using them. You can't tell from the pictures but my skin became instantly brighter after a few washes. Can't wait for it to clear away the dead skin cells, melanin and other residual dirt that contributed to my dull skin tone! 

Overall, I'm really happy with this range. I love the soothing experience whenever I use these facial wash and my favorite has got to be the Ghassoul brightening wash. 
Even though Rosette is a new brand that has just arrived in Singapore, it has already sold 18million pieces of it worldwide! If you are looking for a new facial wash, look no further. It's time for us to achieve clear and supple skin like the Japanese ladies!

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