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25092016; Lucinda's wedding

YAS i finally got down to blogging about the sister's big day aka the most stressful day of my life.  How is it even possible that i got so nervous i couldn't get proper sleep the night before? Im not even the bride man, what a joke  I guess it was because I was the main person in charge for my side and I just had to make sure everything goes in plan and was perfect for the both of them.  I'm so sure I won't even get this stressed up if I ever get married one day.  Soooooooooooo glad that it's over and the entire day went by like a breeze~~~
I'm truly happy for the both of them for moving on to the next phase of life after being together for 8 years. It's amazing how they found someone that complement each other so well and kept that spark all the way. Now I just can't wait to be an aunt!! 
Hens night pics first:
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