25092016; Lucinda's wedding

YAS i finally got down to blogging about the sister's big day aka the most stressful day of my life. 
How is it even possible that i got so nervous i couldn't get proper sleep the night before? Im not even the bride man, what a joke 
I guess it was because I was the main person in charge for my side and I just had to make sure everything goes in plan and was perfect for the both of them. 
I'm so sure I won't even get this stressed up if I ever get married one day. 
Soooooooooooo glad that it's over and the entire day went by like a breeze~~~

I'm truly happy for the both of them for moving on to the next phase of life after being together for 8 years. It's amazing how they found someone that complement each other so well and kept that spark all the way. Now I just can't wait to be an aunt!! 

Hens night pics first:

Customised balloons by: Looney Bloons :)


UberEATS rocks, no delivery fee no minimum order. PERFECT 

All the St Nicks girls and 1 extra 

Actual day:
The day started at 4am when Roseanne (lu's MUA) came over and the bridesmaids, at 5am. It's quite amazing how i could last till 1am after the wedding ended, without any naps in between. Someone give this girl a medal!

 Thank god the rain stopped in time and Pixioo managed to get some nice pictures of everyone~

Checked into Westin Singapore

Had to do makeup by the sink because of the lighting haha
Here's my MUA, Claire from The Glow Beauty Bar which I engaged from the Vanitee App a few days before the wedding. Vanitee is a one stop shop beauty service booking app that takes care of your hair, makeup, nails etc with independent artists to choose from.

There are tons of MUAs on the app but I strongly recommend Claire. Other than her makeup skills, I like how all her products are very new and clean and that is very important for us girls. Cos that means we don't have to worry about any possible outbreaks with dirty brushes!

Thank you for giving me the Fall smokey-eye look, it was in a burgundy shade which I never thought I will be able to pull off. Gotta love the Hollywood-glam hair as well. The whole night I received nothing but praises from this makeover by Claire. Go book her for your weddings, D&Ds or events from the Vanitee app now! 


The Glow Beauty Bar: 

Wah my mama and eldest sis

The touching moment which made many of us cry :') 

My sisters from another mother 

And more girlfriends~ 

Big congrats again Mx and Lu, still cannot decide who's luckier haha

Just one pic to summarise the day, thank you Sheila for capturing the perfect Maria moment

YUPZ, meet Alvin :D
(but since the post is on the sister, I shall go into details about us another day) 
 till the next post


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