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So I just ended my 8 sessions of Scalp Revival Spa with Salon Vim recently and I'm really excited to share with those who's been having hair issues like I am. 
The other day I was mentioning to Cheryl (marketing of Salon Vim) on how i feel that my hair is getting thinner and the amount of hair on the comb whenever I comb them can be terrifying. 
It didnt really bother me until I went for the air fringe look and realised I could actually see obvious empty spots from the front.


The specialist at Salon Vim will firstly scan your scalp to diagnose the issue, you will also be able to see and compare the before and after scalp sessions. 

Here are some of the steps which varies for different scalp problems. 
  • Opening massage
  • High frequency comb that removes dead cells and kill bacteria so as to better absorb all the goodies afterwards. It does sound like you're being electrocuted but dont worry i didnt feel much discomfort! It also effectively treats dandruff.
  • Water spray gun that was used to soften hair follicles and dead skin that has been blocking new hair growth from the roots
  • Treatment for moisturizing oily scalp
  • Red-light micro current adjust oil secretions and accelerate blood circulation to deliver oxygen and nutrition to hair follicles which results in improved hair quality.

Cold infrared to allow the densifique to be easily absorbed and promote hair growth. Densifique is a hair density activator that stimulates the hair to leave it denser and stronger!

Alot of us mostly only care about how our hair looks and often neglect our scalp, the treatments that we usually do in salons are actually for the hair and not scalp. 
I was definitely one of you till I realize this hair loss issue i was going through. 
So glad that I started this journey early and was able to rectify my scalp problem before it became too late. 

Now just look at the amount of new baby hair growing: 

 If you look at the chart closely, you'd see the difference and the amount of new hair growing in a particular area from my initial session towards the 6-8 sessions. 


I've got to emphasis that the relaxing spa room at Salon Vim is absolutely therapeutic and the whole process is truly shiok. I always enjoy my sessions there after a day at work, to sit back and let the therapist work their magic. So if you are having scalp issues, it's time to embark on this Scalp Revival Spa journey with Salon Vim. 

Here's what I had been diligently applying the past few months. The Kerastase Densifique home care is for used to increase the look of hair density. Simply section your towel dried hair and press the applicator to dispense the treatment over your scalp. Next is to massage your scalp with your fingers for it to be easily absorbed and we're done! I must say it makes my hair smells extremely good for the rest of the day too.

The good news is, consultation is FREE and there is a 50% off for first timers on your first session and the good people at Salon Vim will be extending a  $20 service voucher and a free 30ml scalp shampoo when you quote my name ;)  

Big thank you to Salon Vim for the opportunity to go on this journey to thicker and volumize hair, yay!

Till then... #sp


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