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Not sure if anyone still remembers, I previously mentioned about how I have perfect eyesight yet I am a frequent wearer of contact lens. This is something my father will never understand, the things we girls do to make ourselves look better haha

Contact lenses play a huge part of many people's lives and we all know they are not particularly cheap in Singapore so I am really glad to be able to share about Mr Lens today.  

Mr Lens is a Malaysia based online retailer that has a wide range of contact lens. Though they are based in Malaysia, I am absolutely impressed by their efficiency. They are currently working together with DHL Express for deliveries to Singapore and I got my package 1 day after it's despatched from their warehouse! 

It's really pricey to purchase daily lenses from the optical shops in our local malls. It's also very troublesome having to get our eyes check whenever we visit new shops just to purchase the lenses. At times, I would still have to order them and wait a few days before I can collect it from the shop. 

Who still does this anyway? 

After being recommended to Mr Lens, I no longer have to travel all the way to this particular shophouse that I usually frequent because of their cheaper prices. I can have the luxury to stay home to order it today and it will reach me the next day.

Yes i'm not kidding when I say it only takes a day to reach from Malaysia to Singapore. It was despatched from their warehouse on the 7th and I received it at my place on the 8th. It's even more efficient than most local stores isnt it? 

Their prices are also up to 50% cheaper which is one important factor to me. 
I was initially pretty skeptical about buying lenses online but not to worry, they do have the familiar brands that we have in Singapore like FreshKon & Acuvue. I did a quick check on the manufacturer of Fresh Kon lenses and saw it's from the same SG supplier as well :) 

There are all sorts of cosmetic lenses out there in the market but I have only tried and trust a couple of brands out there. These are some of my picks that can be found on site :) 

I have been using Fresh Kon for years and I love how my eyes felt very comfortable with their lenses. It's soft and a breeze to wear and remove them even after long hours! 

After reading the good reviews on Mr Lens, I have decided to be a little more adventurous this time and try out this Fresh Look lenses that can only be found in Malaysia.  

Here's how I look wearing Fresh Look grey lenses, I didnt feel any discomfort and the lenses seems pretty natural as well. 

This Refill Express is one function that I absolutely like about the site. Since Mr Lens is all about fast delivery, affordable prices and user friendly interface, aint nobody got time to look for the products one by one every few months! Simply click on it, and your previous order will be reflected and you can simply cart them out :) 

Best price, fast delivery. What more can I ask for? 
Hop over to their site and visit to find out yourself :)

Till then...


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