The best thing that happened in 2016

Hello guys~ 
I promised to do up a post on how my new relationship started previously so here goes. Took me long enough to do so, but better late than never yea? It's surprising how my previous breakup was circulating around on forums, but thank you to the anonymous ladies in there who stood up for me. Much love! 

Time really flew past so quickly, I still remember it was 2 Christmas back when I ruined the hotel room party for everyone. There were zero pictures taken, zero cheers etc, all because I broke down when my ex's sister gave me this consoling hug after we counted down to Xmas. Then the drama came cos at that time not all of my friends at the party knew my r/s of 9 years ended pretty nastily. One by one, they came to console me as I continued to bawl away. 

Ever since after the news started to spread, I have had friends trying to match-make me with their friends/cousins/colleagues/neighbour etc lol. Among all the new friends I made during that period, I reconnected with an old friend whom I never ever thought would now be so important to me. 


So I knew Alvin about 7 years back when he was 18 through a mutual friend. He was also there at the Xmas party which I mentioned earlier, clueless of what happened. 

A few days later, we started talking because he wanted to get me out of my agony as he went through something similar in the past and could relate to how I felt. Here's one of my fav clips he did for me at that point of time :) 

Ever since then we started talking even more. I like how he is so hardworking and how he isn't afraid to show his affection for me. All the little things he does for me and just loving me for who I am. He is very encouraging towards everything I do and always sends me texts like how he is so proud of me. One thing I picked up from him is that he never uses his phone whenever we are together and that made me do the same for him. He taught me how to be a better person and I really appreciate and cherish him for that. 

If you havent met your Mr Right, I recommend you to check out this new date-and-dine app, Bite. 

Introducing Bite :  
 I know there are tons of dating apps out there but Bite is one that encourages people to meet up over food than chatting behind the screen, because the best way to know someone is to bond over a good meal isnt it? 

The unique point about this app is you get to set a date, time and place to date even before you start talking on the app! After all, having a special connection with someone is really hard to come by and just talking to people through random dating apps won't let you know more about the person unless you guys meet up irl. 

I personally haven't been on any dating apps but this is pretty interesting considering food comes first teehee. So you get to see who has the same taste in food as you. There is even a really cool feature for you to pick how you would like to settle the bill, whether you go dutch or either one of you pays! 

For guys who are usually too shy to ask for a date, this app is for you. And for ladies who always can't make up your mind on what to eat, why not let your date decide? 

(fun fact, he is 2 years younger than I am) 

I was initially quite bothered by the age difference cause I knew I wasn't young anymore and couldn’t afford to, you know, waste time dating young boys who are still out there to play. But after 8 months of courtship, after seeing how filial he was towards his parents (coz how he treats his family is how he will treat you in future), after seeing how sincere and serious he is in this relationship, we got together. 

It was a quite a romantic night when he brought me to Sentosa to watch some lame ass light show and when the fireworks struck, he struck too hah.

During every date with Alvin, I can't wait to see what interesting places he'll bring me to and I love watching him enjoy his food when I bring him to a place he likes! Having a good meal sets you in the right mood for the entire day, and the best feeling is to step out with happy tummies, hand in hand with the one you love. 

So there you go, take a Bite at 
Download it on your phone and start to #bitetogether. I hope you single ladies / bachelors out there get to meet someone as genuine and true to you through the app. Take your time, dont settle for less than you deserve :) 



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