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Hadawaka Gel (SP)

If you noticed, I have always been raving about Japanese skincare products. My previous trip to Japan got me stocking up on all sorts of Japanese masks and moisturisers after seeing how good the Japanese ladies' skin is. I dont know about you, but if there is a country to pick for the most trusty skincare, I would definitely vote Japan. Think SK-II, Shiseido, Kose.

Presenting Hadawaka Gel

 So today I'm introducing this brand that originated from Japan, Hadawaka Gel. The multifunctional 'anti-aging and brightening gel cream created with an enthusiasm for protection spots and wrinkles caused by dryness. It's made in the lab, from AMPLEUR by a renowned doctor which is now sold under Cosme (a renowned cosmetics shopping site in Japan). AMPLEUR has been producing clinical-based skin-care cosmetics for 13years so it's definitely not any dodgy new product in the market!
Sad to say, fine lines are my main skin concern right now so this product review came in really timely …