Hadawaka Gel (SP)

If you noticed, I have always been raving about Japanese skincare products. My previous trip to Japan got me stocking up on all sorts of Japanese masks and moisturisers after seeing how good the Japanese ladies' skin is. I dont know about you, but if there is a country to pick for the most trusty skincare, I would definitely vote Japan. Think SK-II, Shiseido, Kose.

Presenting Hadawaka Gel

 So today I'm introducing this brand that originated from Japan, Hadawaka Gel. The multifunctional 'anti-aging and brightening gel cream created with an enthusiasm for protection spots and wrinkles caused by dryness. It's made in the lab, from AMPLEUR by a renowned doctor which is now sold under Cosme (a renowned cosmetics shopping site in Japan). AMPLEUR has been producing clinical-based skin-care cosmetics for 13years so it's definitely not any dodgy new product in the market!

Sad to say, fine lines are my main skin concern right now so this product review came in really timely for me.  I've always been facing dull and dry skin but my recent trip to the Derma gave me a new realization, the skin area especially around my forehead has a significant increase of fine lines. My Derma mentioned that these fine lines appearing now are way too early for my age and since then I've been on a constant lookout for products that works well for wrinkles. Meh. 

The Hadawaka Gel is an all-in-one care item for spots and wrinkles after cleansing. It gives a silky resilience and translucency to the skin suffering from aging and makes dryness-caused fine lines invisible. It can be used not only for face but also on wherever you think it's dry like your neck, elbow etc. 

It's made from the main brightening ingredient called Arbutin which slows down the production of spots and freckles. Also consisting of several beauty essences like the squalene, hyaluronic acid, ceramide, vitamin C derivative, 15 amino acids that gives plenty of moisture to the skin to maintain a good balance of moisture. 

How to use: simply scoop slightly more than an average pearl-size amount and gently massage into entire face on cleansed face. When applied to other parts of body, make sure it's applied to after-shower cleansed skin. 

The Hadawaka gel looked like a thick jelly-like cream that was hard to be absorbed but it blended into my skin pretty quickly after massaging. It gave a silky feeling and surprisingly it wasn't as sticky as it seemed to be if you dont spam more than you should. I'm sure most ladies dislike putting on masks that leaves a sticky aftermath, cos the whole night our hair will be sticking to the face annoyingly.

My skin is no where near perfect but look at how my skin looks after applying it during bed time for a week. There was an instant glow to my face and it felt like I was wearing a layer of protection for the night that stopped my skin from drying while sleeping in an air-conditioned room. I woke up the next morning with softer and firmed up skin. Hopefully in time to come, my fine lines will gradually disappear. It's a highly raved product on Japan beauty sites, so i cant wait for it to work its magic further!

You can get pretty overwhelmed by the extensive selection of skin care products Japan offer if you don't know what you're looking for and I wished that I learned of this brand earlier so I could purchase it online during my trip there.

Good news for us, they are finally launching the product in SG after being around in Japan for so long~  It's ranked #1 in Rakuten Japan so I can imagine the demand for Japanese ladies stocking up on the product. The 50g bottle that I'm holding is $68 and to be honest it's definitely on the higher side especially when you can only get it online without being able to test it. But there must be a reason why it's ranked #1 in Japan on beauty sites and I just checked that there is a 30-day money back guarantee so there you go:


Hope it works well for you like how it did for me :) 
Till then...


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