Highlights of Kyushu P.2 #sp

Day three aka Train day, we took a total of 5 different trains that day. Never knew that there were so many kinds of trains in Japan. The previous time, all I took was Shinkensan which is like the regular Japan bullet train, so this was definitely an eye-opener! Here's 3 of my fav:

Hayato no Kaza
This first sightseeing train Hayato no Kaza has a modern exterior and it's fitted with large floor-to-ceiling windows which allows us to appreciate the dynamic nature of Kagoshima to the fullest. We took this train from Kagoshima Central Station to Yoshimatsu! 

Limited Express Shinpei 
Then was the ride on the Limited Express Shinpei to Hiltoyoshi station. We were rewarded with this breathtaking view high up in the mountains. It was voted one of Japan's 3 best sceneries from the train window :) 

Limited Express Yamaasemi Kawasemi
From Hitoyoshi Station we took the Limited Express Yamaasemi Kawasemi, it was just WOW. Also the prettiest train in my opinion. It has a stylish wooden interior that gives a sense of warmth. One of the greatest delights of traveling by train is the station lunch box (Ekiben). That moment of luxury while having my bento. 

We did a little shopping at the commercial areas at Hakata and Tenjin which reminded me of Shibuya in Tokyo! Other than the fast fashion brands like H&M and Forever21, they have all the other street wear brands like Supreme, Chrome Hearts, NBHD etc at the same area. Was so happy to purchase this particular tee that was out of stock the previous time I was in Harajuku. Guess that's the good thing about shopping in Kyushu :) 

Dinner that night was high up at this amazing hotel, overlooking the whole of Fukuoka's night lights. It was really beautiful. It was a bbq buffet night with free flow alcohol. Shout out to all my alcoholic friends, you got to make a trip to this place when you visit Kyushu haha. The variety of alcohol is insane!

Day 4
 The last day was also my favourite day of the trip, we made our way to Dazaifu Tenmangu. It's a popular attraction in Fukuoka with lots of tourist and locals especially students because it is the shrine of a gifted student. 
It was like a school excursion where teachers brought their students to pray for good grades. Was shocked to see such a long queue to enter to pray, good thing I didnt have to pray for good grades anymore!

Japanese are really cultured people, the shrine was mad crowded but the surroundings remained really clean.
We also came across many children whom dressed up in traditional outfits to pray to the god.  So cute! 

AddressJapan, 〒818-0117 Fukuoka Prefecture, Dazaifu, Saifu, 4 Chome−7番1号

Was sooooo happy to see an Ichiran outlet near the shrine and we just had to have it for lunch :D
Can you tell the difference between the normal Ichiran and this? Yup it's the pentagon shaped bowl. As pentagon means 'pass' in Japanese and this outlet is located outside Dazaifu Tenmangu, so by having a bowl of pentagon ramen, you are a 'pass'. It's the only outlet in the world with this unique shaped bowl btw, how cool!

Address2 Chome-6-2 Saifu, Dazaifu, Fukuoka Prefecture 818-0117, Japan

What a beautiful day to explore Itoshima. We visited this cafe by the beach called Hona Cafe and the ambience was love. If this was in Singapore, it'd definitely be my weekend hideout. The food was good, the view lovely. What more can I ask for? 
Address: 2200-1 Kota Nishi-kuFukuoka 819-0203, Fukuoka Prefecture

We then took a long stroll by the beach, watched the sun set and arrived at this wedded rocks at Futamigaura. Another magnificent shrine in Fukuoka. 

Fun Fact: There, tourists are drawn to a pair of rocks in the sea, but close to shore, called the Meoto-iwa, or Wedded Rocks. The rocks are also deemed husband and wife, and, as such, are joined in matrimony by sacred ropes called shimenawa, made from braided rice stalks. The Meoto-iwa celebrate the union of man and woman and the sanctity of the union between husband and wife in the Shinto belief of the people of Japan.

And this marks the end of our 5-day trip. Extremely thankful for the opportunity to be able to explore Fukuoka, Kyushu. Learned so much about the Japanese culture that I never knew prior to this trip, it has been so enriching for my mind and soul. There's still so much to explore in this Land of the rising sun, and I look forward to the next time I head back here.   

Till the next trip to my fav country :)


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