Double Eyelid with ALLURE x

So for those who have been following me on IG would know that I did a double eyelid surgery earlier last month. Ever since then I've been bombarded with similar questions so let me do a quick Q&A here :)

10 days post-surgery. 
  1. Where did you do your eyes? I did it at Allure Plastic Surgery in Wisma
  2. Who's your doctor? Dr Samuel Ho, a consultant plastic surgeon
  3. Did you cut or stitch your eyelids? I did the non-incisional surgery aka stitching method
  4. How much does it cost? $3688
  5. Is the process painful? My tolerance for pain isnt very high but I can say the only pain I felt was the jab on my hand for light sedation and it was minor
  6. How long did you take to recover? I went to work the next day and people around couldnt really tell but the swelling took about 1 week to subside
  7. I thought you did eyelid surgery before? Yes I did it in Korea about 4 years back using the stitching method too but it sort of disappeared (pics below)
  8. Why did you stitch again and not cut? Initially I wanted to cut but after speaking to Dr Samuel, he suggested that I go with stitch instead plus I couldn't afford the downtime
  9. What height did you do? I went for 'medium high' 
  10. Do they issue MC? Yes they do issue max 5 days mc upon request

The Process 
The process was simple! I made an appointment with Dr Samuel about 1 week before my surgery date, he answered all my queries and did a little 'simulation' on how high I wanted my eyes to look. Good thing was that I didnt have to decide on the day itself so I had some time to think if I wanted to go for tapered/parallel etc.

There was a list of Dos and Donts prior to your surgery which will be handed to you.

I arrived at the clinic at 10am, did a short registration and went into the surgery room. Discussed and confirmed on the height etc and started at around 11am. Within 10 seconds after the light sedation jab, I concussed. The next thing I knew, I was done with the process at about 12? There was nothing to be afraid of, in fact I was more excited than being scared. Reason being...

Back then when I did the surgery in Korea, they didn't allow sedation which meant I was 100% awake. I was completely traumatised during the process. They shot 2 numbing jabs each on my eyelids and during the 45mins of the surgery I watched them flip and sew my lids. I had to remain still and calm even though I was terrified beyond words. Omg the thought of it, made me wonder where did I ever get the guts to go through that? 

After my surgery with Allure, the only thing I felt was tightness on my eyes, the after feeling of crying a bucket when watching your dramas lol. Thankful for my eldest sister who waited for me cos the light sedation will be in my body for about half a day so they advised to have someone pick me up when I am done :)

There weren't any bruises compared to my previous surgery, it's either Dr Samuel Ho was very gentle or because of this tablets that I bought for $100. It was a box of 9 tablets to last for 3 days, I was told that it's for quicker de-swelling and I just had to get it haha. 

I also bought the ice pack for $16 to apply on every hour over the next few days.  

This regular pain killers which I only ate for the first 2 days thou I didnt feel much pain
Lastly, I got this scar recovery gel for about $80-$90 if I didnt remember wrongly.
Still using it up till today :) 

Pictures of my recovery process -

 Day 1 - 3

Day 4 - 6

I avoided seafood for about 10 days and also had quite a bit of pineapples in the first few days. Other than that, my diet was the same. 

Just a little personal tip if you plan to go for your eyelid surgery, trim your brows clean 1 day beforehand. I forgot to do it and for the next whole week I was stuck with messy brows cos I didnt dare to touch my eye area hahha

Here's a picture of my barely there double eyelids after I removed my lashes just a day before the surgery. Took alot of courage to post this pic but I just had to show the difference for those who thinks that there wasnt a need for me to do this surgery. 

My eyes have fully recovered now and people has been praising how natural looking they are. Here's how it is looking without any eye make up but just lash extensions 

And this is after I've my eyeliner, eyeshadow on :)

Everyone's take on beauty isnt the same but for me, I just dont think I look good in mono lids. Ever since the double eyelid surgery, it definitely boost my confidence level significantly so yup, why not:) Kudos to Dr Samuel Ho from Allure Plastic Surgery! Let me know if you still have any questions and I'll gladly help to answer if I could :) 

Disclaimer: All info taken from my post is at your own risk.
Im not providing medical, legal or other professional advice. 


  1. Good double eyelid is slowly turning into inner eyelids due to am thinking of doing it to lift up d lids which now i use eyelid tape when i put on thinking of stitching method.thanks for d info n yes i agree with an obvious lids its always prettier n looks younger too

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