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It's 2018 and now that I have reached my late twenties, I have been on a constant lookout for good anti-aging skin care that is suitable for my skin. I previously mentioned that my main concern was dull skin but early last year I realised there were fine lines on my forehead and that's very terrifying. So today I am going to share the Rosette Skin Mania Active Booster Serum &  Rosette Skin Mania Active Rich Cream. I've added them to my skin regime for about two weeks now and thought it is actually working pretty well for me. 

Remember how I previously talk about Rosette facial wash & mask? A little background on the products, these Skin Mania is actually from Rosette's new Active Series - Lift & Elasticity. It's suitable for Dry to Combination skin including sensitive skin. It's great how Rosette has been keeping their prices affordable for their items. Anyone else is a fan of Japan products like me? :)

 This is the Skin Mania Active Booster Serum, it's a pretty rich essence a 2 in 1 Booster & Essence.

It's made with 100% Natural Essential Oil (Rosa Damascene Flower Oil) rich and smooth essence serum, 2 functions in 1 (Booster & Essence). It helps to tighten skin and reduce aging signs such as wrinkles and dark spots. Exactly what I needed!

Look, just 1 pump. It contains no colours, mineral oil, alcohol & paraben. It absorbs quickly and I like how it isn't sticky and pretty light in my opinion. My skin becomes brighter and well moisture after continuous application. But because this is a booster and I do have pimples popping out occasionally, I won't prefer to use it every day as it might be too rich for me. I'll use it once or twice a week but if you are in your late 30s or 40s, you can probably use it everyday!

 While this is the Skin Mania Active Rich Cream that locks the beauty ingredients with moisture veil. Made with 100% Natural Essential Oil (Rosa Damascena Flower Oil) Specially design to slow down the aging of skin. Rich cream has good spreadability which able to lock the beauty essence and moisture in the skin.  

I like how it doesn’t have any over powering scent and isn't too sticky. I hate it when my hair gets all sticked to my face due to other creamy products used but I'm glad I don’t have any issue with this. When I use it in the night, I wake up with a more moist skin and feel like my skin is ready to pile on some make up for the day!

 You know, one of the main reasons why our skin deteriorates over time other than aging is that the amount of make up we use. If you are like me who apply on make up everyday for long hours, you will realize how our skin becomes dry and no longer moisturised like the past. So what we need is products that contains Cerebroside. 

So the good news is, this Skin Mania range from Rosette actually contains Cerebroside! If you’re not familiar with what Cerebroside is, it's actually a high quality natural ceramic. Ceramic is a natural component on our skin which helps to retain moisture through its barrier function. However over time, ceramic will reduce due to skin aging and thus our skin barrier becomes easily broken which caused skin troubles. Guess I'll have to focus on apply these on my forehead so the fine lines will gradually disappear with it protecting my skin from dryness. 

Some other key beauty ingredients for youthful appearance that some of you might be familiar with,  Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, Elastin, Licorice Leaf Extract are the main ingredients that boost the elasticity and hydration of the skin. 
A step by step use on the product would be: 
1) Cleanse with Rosette Facial foaming cleanser (
2) Toning your face with Rosette Skin Mania Clear Essence Lotion (Also available in Watsons now!)
3) Pump an appropriate amount of Booster Serum and spread on face (once a week for my case) 
4) Moisturise with the active rich cream for age prevention 

and we're done!
This Skin Mania range promises to relieve dry skin and reduce the appearance of hyper pigmentation. It also speeds up cell turnover and prevents the loss of moisture. After using it for two weeks, other than waking up with a more moist face, I felt like my pimple scar got lighten over the days! I just can’t wait to use it over time and for it to work wonders for me. If you have been sleeping in air condition room daily at night and have dry skin currently, do check out this product. It's newly and exclusively launched in all Watsons store and there's a promotion of 10% for Skin Mania full range :)  

Till then... 


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